Mayor Soyer Examines The Flamingo Nature Park Project On Site

president soyer examined the flamingo nature park project on site
president soyer examined the flamingo nature park project on site

Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer examined the Flamingo Nature Park project at the beginning of the Gediz Delta. With the project aiming to create a nature park in the city with the Mavişehir coastal rehabilitation, the city center will merge with the Gediz delta. The project will also prevent sea flooding in Mavişehir.

Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer examined the coastal rehabilitation and Flamingo Nature Park works in Mavisehir with the municipal bureaucrats on site. President Soyer said, “We have made an official application for Gediz Delta to be included in the UNESCO World Natural Heritage list. On the other hand, we create an observation and sightseeing route with the South Gediz Delta project, which covers the southern part of the Gediz Delta. In Mavişehir, which is the starting point of the delta, we are building a nature park that will create a corridor to Gediz. This natural heritage, which is home to thousands of living species and next to the city, will now be a part of city life. ”

Flood risk will be prevented

KarşıyakaWith the coastal rehabilitation project, which starts in front of the Deniz Kent Restaurant near Peynircioğlu Stream on the Mavişehir coast in Istanbul and continues to the north, including the "Blue Island" region, and aims to end the flood risk in the winter months. In this context, in order to prevent the flood that may occur due to sea water swelling and seawater passage from under the ground, a water breaker that will be lowered to -3,4m will be manufactured, while the rock fortification in the front will be rebuilt to protect the area from the wave effect. In addition, terraces of natural materials will be constructed by the sea where people can relax.

There will also be bird watching towers

With the Flamingo Nature Park to be built in the project area of ​​approximately 175 square meters, a transition corridor from Mavişehir to Gediz Delta will be created. It is also aimed to raise awareness about the importance of the delta by creating a visitor center in the nature park to be built in the project area at the beginning of the Gediz Delta. It is planned to include various activities for nature and bird watching education in the park and interactive playgrounds / training areas for children, to build birdwatching towers where the variety of birds in the delta can be watched, and to place Gediz Delta information boards. In the park where the wetland landscape, where salt plants are suitable for the natural flora of the area, will be used, the park will also include pedestrian paths and recreation areas, bicycle paths and various urban equipment.

As Mavişehir displays a suitable background for the contemporary art movement known as “eco-art” in the world, it is planned to include works of art related to nature in the area.

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