Kiev Subway Starts Again After Two Months

kiev metro started flights again after two months
kiev metro started flights again after two months

On May 25, the metro in Kiev and Kharkov began to operate again; A decision on the subway operation is expected today in Dnipro. The metro in Ukraine stopped working in mid-March due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The metro in Kiev started operating at 5.45 in the morning, and the Kharkov metro started to pick up passengers at 5.30.

Passengers are only allowed to enter the subway with masks. In the Kiev subway it was previously announced that gloves would be mandatory, but later this decision was changed and the glove was ceased to be mandatory.

The Kiev metro press reported that passengers with a fever above 37.2 ° C will not be allowed to enter the subway. At the same time, the head of emergency response study number 47 said that subway employees should not scan for all passengers, but only for those with "visual signs of acute respiratory infection".

It is stated that the wagons and stations will be disinfected in the metro of Kiev every three hours before each time. In the case of passenger congestion, the number of passengers in the metro stations is limited (including full or partial closure of entrances) ”.

After the quarantine, the coin travel period in the Kiev subway has ended and it will be possible to switch only with KyivSmartCard, mobile applications and debit card, if available at the station. Previously purchased green cards can be used for another month.

The metro in three cities of Ukraine also stopped working on the 17th of March due to an outbreak of coronavirus.

The daily flow of passengers in the subway in Kiev is approximately 1.4 million, 600 thousand in Kharkov, and 18 thousand in Dnipro. (Source: ukrhaber)

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