Qualified Technical Personnel Was On The Table With EGIAD Webinar

qualified technical staff laid on the table with egiad webinar
qualified technical staff laid on the table with egiad webinar

Aegean Young Businessmen Association - EGİAD organized 'Qualified Technical Staff and Apprenticeship Training Seminar' posted on Webinar due to COVID -19. The seminar, held through the internet portal open to members, in cooperation with Atik Metal, was the first major event of the association on the new working system. In the event, 'Apprenticeship and Vocational Training' was put on the table, as well as the functioning of Apprenticeship Training Centers, the problems they faced and the suggestions for solutions, as well as works that can be taken at both local and central level were discussed. At the webinar meeting, where it was emphasized that radical changes were made in the development of vocational and technical education, it was evaluated how vocational education centers that continue their activities as non-formal education can meet the technical staff needs. Can Atik, representative of Atik Metal, which has been serving as an Apprenticeship Training Center since 1984, and Occupational Competence and Occupational Safety Consultant Oktay Üşümez shared his knowledge and experience.

Within the scope of the “Qualified Technical Staff” project, which is one of the important topics on the agenda of EGİAD, the shortage of staff and vocational training opportunities especially in the manufacturing sector were discussed in detail. Apprenticeship Training Centers were comprehensively evaluated as an important actor on “Qualified Technical Staff” in the online meeting where improvement, awareness and information activities that can be done within this scope are evaluated. During the event, which provided information about the apprenticeship training center within the body of Atik Metal, the firm of EGİAD member Can Atik, the benefits of apprenticeship training centers in both education and sectors were discussed.

The seminar started with the speech of EGİAD Chairman Mustafa Aslan. Reminding that the world has been going through a difficult process, Aslan said that it has become imperative to find solutions for the new world order, “On one side, we are very upset about our infected numbers and losses updated every evening; On the other hand, the uncertainty brought about by the new dynamics of economic and social life after this pandemic increases the question marks of the future of us all. We will develop and prepare solutions for this problem, which is common to all of us as EGİAD members and business people. Rather than changing the flow of water, it is essential that we become prepared for new orders and equations. Of course, we can do this best. We are both young and visionary young business people. For this reason, in these difficult days when we cannot come together physically, we will come together spiritually and intellectually, share and develop our knowledge and develop. We need each other more than ever. ” Reminding that they discussed the issue of remote access to the seminars within the scope of the EGİAD D19 project before Covid-2, Aslan said, “We started this process that we have foreseen and prepared for due to the social isolation of Covid-19. I wish it had not been of course, but on the other hand, there was a reason for digital platforms to be used all over the world. After that, we will continue this kind of online seminars until things return to normal. After that, we will also provide remote access for those who cannot attend physically in every activity we do at the association. ”

Investing in Vocational and Technical Education for the Development of Industry

Emphasizing the importance of the “Qualified Technical Staff” requirement in the continuation of his speech, Aslan said, “Within the framework of our country's qualified workforce needs; It is of great importance in terms of revealing the interests, desires, talents and personality traits, being informed to choose a profession that they can be successful and happy, strengthening the relationship between the education system and working life, and developing the human resources of our country. In this context, we need the resources that we define as "qualified technical staff". In our rapidly developing and industrializing country, education has been accepted as one of the most effective and basic tools of development. Our youth, whose numbers are expressed in millions every year, joins the training army and this requires us to allocate more opportunities and resources to education every day. One of the most important elements in the industrialization is the training of the manpower with knowledge, skills and work habits that will realize high efficiency. For this reason, it is compulsory to give the necessary importance to vocational and technical education, which is an infrastructure investment in the development of the industry, and to increase the efficiency of this system. ”

Aslan continued his words as follows: “Nowadays, it is not possible to train qualified professional staff in the vocational and technical education only with the school system. A system in which the school and the workplace take joint duties, powers and responsibilities is essential. With the apprenticeship training, it is expected to achieve objectives such as ensuring work discipline in business life, including apprentice students in the scope of social security, ensuring occupational standards throughout the country, determining current professions based on occupational analysis, and increasing the quality and efficiency of the work done. ”

Speaking later, Atik Metal company owner Can Atik talked about the opportunities and benefits provided by the system to businesses and students. Can Atik stated that they contributed to employment with 3 students of 38 classes in AAS Metal Apprenticeship Training Center and at İAOSB.

We can make 1 million 800 thousand young business owners

Occupational Competence and Occupational Safety Consultant Oktay Üşümez, on the other hand, pointed out that if young people are drawn to the apprenticeship system, even the large enterprises in Germany can provide the production of these young people in the next few years, “Every year, 1 million 800 thousand young people stay open in our country. However, if our youth and parents turn to this system by understanding the importance of apprenticeship education, 'will our child be an apprentice!' If the perception changes, after 9 years, we will have nearly 2 million qualified masters. Every young person participating in this system graduates from high school and has a diploma, a profession and a job. We have the opportunity to train most of the employment, 27 of which are 142 branches. We will pave the way for raising qualified masters with Vocational Training. ”

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