Combating Corona Virus at TCDD Izmir Port Operation Directorate

Tackling corona virus in tcdd izmir port management
Tackling corona virus in tcdd izmir port management

The Izmir Port Operation Directorate area and the work offices are disinfected daily, the fires of the employees and customers entering the port are measured and unmasked access is not allowed. Disinfectant machines were placed in offices, salons where customs, security and port personnel work, and put into use.

Within the scope of Corona Virus measures, about 1500 vehicles per day are carried out in Izmir Port Operation Directorate without human contact and without filling any documents.

Measures regarding both disinfection and social distance rule are carried out meticulously according to the circulars issued by the authorized institutions, and in line with the circulars, port workers continue to provide 24-hour shifts with a rotating working system.

As of December 24, 2019, all cargoes to and from the Port Operation Directorate are carried out with Container Tracking System (KLTS) without human contact. Port receivables arising from these transactions are made through banks without contact.

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