EGİAD Tunç Soyer Was the Guest of 78th Aegean Meeting

The subject of the egiad ege meeting was tunc soyer
The subject of the egiad ege meeting was tunc soyer

The 78th of the Aegean Meetings, which has been hosted by the Aegean Young Businessmen Association since its establishment, has become a brand and has become a brand, with the participation of Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer. .

Aegean Meetings, where guests are hosted in different fields, have a first-hand knowledge and discuss the country's agenda by discussing it, continues as a 30-year tradition. The Aegean Meeting, which took place online for the first time due to Covid-19, EGİAD Association Members, Advisory Board Members, representatives of stakeholder institutions, chairman and managers of business associations and leading names of the community life showed great interest. EGİAD In the meeting attended by Advisory Board Chairman Mahmut Özgener, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer made important statements. Meeting EGİAD It started with the opening speech of the Chairman of the Board Mustafa Aslan. EGİADSpeaking on his vision and his activities in the Covid-19 process, Aslan continued his words by thanking the entire medical world for their sacrifice in the fight against Covid-19.

Thanks to Soyer for Social Municipality Approach

Reminding that the death rates remained quite low compared to many countries, Aslan said, “The number of new cases is below a certain rate with the measures taken. We must maintain the health aspect of the process with the same care, without compromising and neglecting social distance measures. In this regard, I extend my gratitude to our president, Tunç Soyer, for his extraordinary efforts to combat the epidemic. Our metropolitan municipality is always on the field with our fellow citizens from the perspective of social municipality. Mr. President was always in the public always outside, without stopping himself, and while he was following himself and his activities, we are getting dizzy sometimes ”.

EGİAD Covid-19 Shadow Fell on Our Brand Summit

Stating that branding is in the first place in the activities of the association EGİAD President Mustafa Aslan emphasized that the Brand Summit, which has been preparations for 1 year to examine this issue from a wide perspective, had to be delayed due to Covid-19. Aslan summed up the extensive preparatory works in this context as follows: “We planned to organize a Brand Summit with a broad participation, with the support of our national and international brands, the stakeholders of our Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and the support of our Tunç Soyer President. Even at the beginning of March, Tunç Soyer President, his team and EGİAD As a delegation, we visited the mayor of Valencia and invited him to the summit as a speaker. On this trip, Izmir and Valencia became sister cities under the leadership of our president. Subsequently, we made a visit to Valencia Chamber of Commerce on behalf of our Izmir Chamber of Commerce upon the instruction of our President Mahmut, and a bilateral trade agreement will also come into effect soon. Approximately 1 week after our return from Valencia to Izmir, the quarantine application was activated due to the epidemic and we had to postpone our Brand Summit. I hope we can replan this summit once everything is back to normal. ”

Civil and Public Initiatives as an Example of Co-ordinated Work EGİAD Takes Responsibility

Noting that all these efforts are examples of the visionary and coordinated efforts of civil and public initiatives in İzmir before the epidemic. EGİAD President Mustafa Aslan said, “EGİADis also a modest part; The great Izmir Vision was already on the right track. It is obvious that we will live in the long term, as long as we do not leave these advantages of being on the right track. Because this unfortunate epidemic has once again proved that we are in the right vision as a city, that the innovations and initiatives we pursue and caught are indispensable for the “new normal”. However, before reaching these distant advantageous days as a city; There are much more vital, human and economic obstacles and troubles before us. To be self-indulgent is not to be able to see when you see the long; to overcome the obstacles in front of him and reach the far better. In this context, before we reach the long-term advantages I have counted for our Izmir, we need to overcome the problems that are valid throughout the country (and even all over the world), not in İzmir. The responsibility in this regard is the responsibility of all stakeholders who position themselves as city initiatives. We also EGİAD As of the beginning of the epidemic, we are trying to act with the awareness of this responsibility and duty. ”

Our Activities Continued With Covid-19 Crisis Table

EGİAD Emphasizing that the contact with the members continues during the epidemic process with the Crisis Desk, Aslan explained the activities as follows: “We searched our active and honorary members one by one. We have been in contact with the Governorship and Metropolitan Municipality. We delivered the health materials that our members collected with great sensitivity to our hospitals in Dokuz Eylul and Ege University. According to the list we received from our neighborhood headmen in Konak, we personally delivered Ramadan Parcels to about 400 families. The reason I have highlighted these is the ones that perform and contribute to these activities. EGİAD to thank our members before the mayors. EGİAD For the family, this is a task, a duty, and the necessity to carry our flag, which we have been holding with pride from our elders for 30 years. In the new period, the webinars that we started to prevent our activities from interrupting also allowed us to hold more seminars than we did in normal times.

We Have to Keep Up with the Transformation in the New Age and Industry

Pointing out that Covid-19 represents the beginning of a new era for the World, Aslan stated that all habits and lifestyles of human beings have begun to be redesigned and said, “We will observe that working from home has become widespread and has become systematic in some sectors. It is very likely that we will enter a period where companies will question the adequacy of their current employees. It is of great importance for employees to develop their technology and social competencies. kazanwill ache. Competencies such as emotional intelligence, creativity, re-learning, entrepreneurship, empathy, using advanced communication and technology, advanced data analysis and technology development will come to the fore. In this direction, raising questioning and researching individuals in our education system will trigger analytical, free and creative thinking abilities and kazanWe need to design it in such a way as to train individuals with digital competencies suitable for the next generation production and industrial transformation move. The only way to raise more competitive individuals, not competitive ones in education; the free thought that spread to the whole society and took civilized people at its center; It will be possible with its reflection in our education system”. Aslan continued his words as follows: “As the Aegean Young Businessmen Association, we believe in the potential and future of Turkey. We are going through a period of changes that will radically affect our future all over the world. While the new order is forming after the epidemic, the policies implemented by the countries and the new global cooperation that will be formed will determine the future of the economy. In this context, it is in our hands to transform our economy by turning the destruction brought by the new era in some areas into creative destruction. The change in supply chains is a good opportunity for our country, which is next to Europe, a member of the Customs Union and has a good industrial infrastructure. The fact that Turkey's health system has given a good test in the epidemic and that it helps other countries is a good start to improve our image, but it is not enough. Being seen as a reliable and stable economy within the EU's value system, providing certain standards in fundamental rights and freedoms, having a strong rule of law, adequacy of digital infrastructure and having a road map against climate change are among the issues that we should attach importance to. our republic brought kazanYour thoughts shed light on our future. We will come out of this crisis successfully and stronger, we will make the right decisions that will determine Turkey's future, and we will further strengthen our place in the world. EGİAD We sincerely believe. "

In the Process of Pandemic EGİAD Another Investment on Melekleri Investment Network

Expressing that they have kept the entrepreneurship issue at the top of the agenda since 2011 as the Aegean Young Businessmen Association, Aslan is the first Angel Investment Network accredited by the Undersecretariat of Treasury of İzmir and the Aegean Region. EGİAD He stated that the Melekleri Investment Network has evaluated more than 2000 entrepreneurs so far, and that it has not been left blank during the Pandemic process, and that it will be the innovation and entrepreneurship capital of Izmir with its collaborations.

Noting that the Historical Air Gas Factory is positioned as “FABLAB” and İzmir as the “FAB CITY”, Aslan noted that they sincerely believe that İzmir will become the “new normally” innovation and entrepreneurship capital. Aslan also contributed TL 20 thousand to İzmir Metropolitan Municipality's “Suspended Invoice” application.

Breath Loan Will Continue

EGİAD Chairman of the Advisory Board Mahmut Özgener stated that İzmir is the city that best manages the pandemic process with the cooperation of İzmir Governorship and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and various institutions. Everyone wants to get out of this situation with health. However, nothing will be the same. We are now in a new normal process. The state of the economy was also important in this process and the economic stability package made positive contributions to the business world. Breath Loan SMEs, provided by TOBB, have great relief. Continuation will continue to be given over the next week with larger limits through public banks. We will continue to fulfill our responsibilities during this process. ”

As the İzmir Alliance, we get under every challenge

Stating that İzmir is a great alliance and that this is a unique wealth, Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer stated that they can get out of all difficulties as a result of this alliance and said, “Dear Governor, Our Metropolitan Municipality, EGİAD We can overcome all difficulties hand in hand with the cooperation of our institutions such as İZTO. ”

A total of 150 million TL was spent on pandemic processes and material purchases.

Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer also presented a detailed breakdown of the activities carried out in Izmir during the pandemic process. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, yet with the first as official cases begin receiving highly unexplained and acceleration of the epidemic process in Turkey "crisis municipality" application of Izmir voicing realization Mayor Tunç Soyer, the process of the pandemic last three months total to special all activities and material procurement He noted that 150 million TL was spent. Soyer continued his words as follows: “Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has solved the problem of the citizens' failure to supply masks, which has become one of the biggest crises in the coronavirus process, with the“ Maskematic ”formula. A total of 2 million masks, 240 million 4,5 thousand of which were produced at the Vocational Factory, were distributed to the public. A total of 270 thousand materials were produced for stimulating stickers, posters and informative visuals, and distributed to workplaces and social spaces used by the public. In order to heal the economic wounds caused by the outbreak, 40 thousand families were given 400 TL in cash. Along with donations, food packages were distributed to 155 thousand 252 families. A total of 262 thousand 552 people, iftar meal, 422 thousand 150 of which were through People's Grocery, and 82 thousand 'Resistance Packages' consisting of 500 hot soups, vegetables and fruits were delivered to those in need. 5 million liters of milk were distributed to 1 thousand 5 children between the ages of 153-760. Support purchases continued with broad beans, artichokes and peas. Especially during the days of restraint, street animals were not forgotten and 3,8 tons of food was distributed. 51 million TL was spent for all social aid activities. In addition to the mask, disinfectant and other protective measures, the amount spent from the budget of the Metropolitan Municipality and its affiliated institutions reached 120 million TL for all activities specific to the social benefits and pandemic process. ”

Revenue flow stopped but services did not stop

Expressing that İzmir's local administration has suffered a large amount of loss in terms of budget revenues, Soyer emphasized that the services continued despite the income flow stopped, “The decrease in the number of passengers in public transportation with restrictions, the inability to read water meters, and the displacement of rents and advertising taxes caused a decrease in revenues. . Transportation revenues decreased by 85 percent, water revenues decreased by 55 percent. The total of income losses exceeded 200 million liras. However, despite all these extraordinary conditions, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality continued its services to the city without interruption. From the beginning of the year, Büyükşehir, İZSU and ESHOT have continued their investments by spending 1,1 billion TL in the period covering the pandemic process. ”

Ongoing investments in the coronavirus process:

  • Although the conditions in this process slowed down the work, 58% of Narlıdere Metro was completed. A 75 million Euro loan was provided for the project.
  • Izmir Opera House studies continued under the precautions taken.
  • 68 buses were purchased. Tender preparations for a total of 134 buses, 170 bellows and 304 solo, have been completed.
  • The 2-steamer bought into service entered service.
  • Tender preparations for Çiğli Tramway, train set purchase studies for the tram line continued.
  • Sewerage, drinking water network and stream cleaning works carried out by İZSU continued without slowing down, giving priority to the areas where traffic is intense in normal periods.

Turning curfews into opportunities, Metropolitan Municipality accelerated road and infrastructure works. From the beginning of March to today; 273 thousand tons of hot asphalt pavement and 144 thousand 854 tons of asphalt patch work was done. 227 thousand m² key paving stone application has been completed. Connection to the Food Bazaar from the Mürselpaşa Street side road to relieve traffic, Bayraklı Arrangements were carried out at a rapid pace in Soğukkuyu, Konak Vezirağa, Çiğli Ata Sanayi and Bornova Nilüfer Caddesi. Works to expand the transportation network with bicycles were also accelerated.

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