14 Line Flights for Weekend Employees in Antalya Will Be Available

For those working in Antalya on the weekend, the line will be at once.
For those working in Antalya on the weekend, the line will be at once.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality planned to provide public transportation for healthcare personnel, public and other employees, who are obliged to work within the scope of the 2-day curfew, which will be implemented over the weekend. During the 2-day curfew, there will be 14 lines.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, on the 18th of April, Saturday and 19th of April, on which the curfew will be applied, the health personnel will continue their trips on 14 lines to ensure the transportation of the public and other citizens who will work during the ban. Antray and nostalgia tram will not serve in this process.

14 lines at once

According to the statement made by Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Planning and Rail System Department, main and trunk lines with VF01, AF04, KC06, LC07, KL08, LF09, LF10, UC11, VL13A, DC15, TC16, CV17, MF40 and VF66 plate number It will continue its flights on April 18-19, which has been banned.


The flights, which will start at 06.00:XNUMX in the morning, will be mostly held in the morning and evening hours. Antalyalar will be able to track where public transportation vehicles are from Antalyakart Mobile Application. Healthcare workers will benefit from transportation free of charge by showing their staff cards.


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