Alanya Gedevet Plateau Road Secure

alanya gedevet plateau road made safe
alanya gedevet plateau road made safe

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, Gedevet Plateau road in the north of Alanya Kizilalan completed maintenance and repair work. With the completion of road, wall and culvert and filling works, landslides and slums were opened and put into service. The road to Gedevet has become safer and more comfortable.

Gedevet Plateau road, which is used frequently in summer in Alanya, has been removed by maintenance and repair works due to soil landslides and dents due to ground water in Kızılalan area. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Rural Services Department Alanya team, the construction machinery and staff in the region to work hard to repair the road.

Within the scope of the works, culverts were placed in order to disconnect the ground water from the road, a wall was built in the slippery area and the part was filled with soil. After the settlement of the road asphalted the maintenance and repair of the region. Traffic flow is provided as a controlled road after the study was opened to traffic.

Gedevet Plateau is one of the most important plateaus of Alanya, where many local and foreign people either stay or go on a daily basis during the summer months. Gedevet Road is now safer and more comfortable as the inhabitants use the plateau as the weather warms up and tourists go on daily tours.



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