704 Million Lira Investment in Alanya

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, together with ASAT, has invested a total of 2014 million pounds in Alanya since 505. This number has reached to 704 million pounds with the cooperation of highways.

Metropolitan Mayor Menderes Türel, Alanya, which is included in the borders of the Metropolitan Municipality to close the service gap as soon as the pushed the button. Metropolitan Municipality, which fulfills the personnel, building and physical conditions in a short time, started to carry out the routine works while determining the basic problems of the districts and projecting them.

Türel solved what they called unsolvable

Alanya Wholesaler Hali project was realized within the boundaries of Türkler Mahallesi. The construction of Alanya Wholesaler, which has a total area of ​​154, continues at full speed. In addition to combining the conditions of Alanya, Demirtaş, Konaklı and Payallar, this giant project which will contribute to the meeting of the producer and the merchant will cost 100 million liras.

The garbage issue is getting history

One of the most important problems of Alanya, the pearl of tourism, was the disposal of solid waste.

President Türel, who has spread his arms to solve this problem with the most modern methods, started construction of the state-of-the-art solid waste disposal facility that will generate electricity from the trash of Alanya in Turks after an intense bureaucratic process. The facility, which will solve the problem of waste not only for Alanya but also for the surrounding districts, will be provided with zero waste service. Out of the waste will be used as fertilizer, energy will be produced from the garbage.

Giant investment in infrastructure

ASAT has started the service mobilization in Alanya to eliminate the infrastructure deficiencies. The infrastructure problems that have become kangren are solved one by one. The drinking water problems of the neighborhoods that have been going on for many years have been history. ASAT has invested approximately 4 million pounds in drinking water, rain water, treatment facilities and sewage services in Alanya.

Relieved by transportation intersections

The metropolitan municipality which brings great relief to the city traffic of Alanya has opened the intersections of Telecom and Trade High School. The second phase of the project, Kargicak Yesiloz, which is currently under construction, is planned to be tendered at the end of this year.

Ak Bridge link provided

The Ak Bridge, which connects the 12 neighborhood in the Dim Valley to each other and is used by local and foreign tourists, became a dream come true. 10 million pounds with the bridge of the neighborhood around the dam with the transportation has ended.

Asphalt 42 million pounds asphalt

Metropolitan Municipality, Alanya did not leave the unpaved road. 2014 and 2017 62 km hot asphalt and 162 km asphalt, 222 km asphalt was poured between the 42 and XNUMX. Total XNUMX million pounds were spent for these services.

Social facility for patient relatives

The relatives of patients who came to treatment in Alanya will no longer have housing problems. The Metropolitan Municipality, building the Social Facilities of the Patient Relatives with 48 beds, next to Alaaddin Keykubat Training and Research Hospital, will eliminate a significant social need.

Needed to eat

After Antalya, the Metropolitan Municipality opened its second soup kitchen with an investment of 4 million pounds in Alanya. In the 94 household, which has been serving for two years in Alanya, the 252 house provides three types of hot food daily, seven days a week. On the other hand, in the 102 neighborhood of Alanya, social cards are provided to more than 1000 families.

Aysultan Women's Beach

Aysultan Women's Beach, opened in Alanya as the second women's beach of Antalya, became a favorite of women in Alanya and Gazipaşa.

Special attention to cemeteries

The 450 cemetery across Alanya was made more clean, tidy and sheltered by the intensive work of the Metropolitan Municipality. The cemeteries in rural areas were revised individually and opened for the use of the citizens.

Alanya has received a great deal of support from the service pool, with the Metropolitan Municipality of ASAT, 4 has invested a total of 505 million pounds annually. This number has reached to 704 million pounds with the cooperation of highways.

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