ITU Racing Club Students Formula Car in Italy

itululer his formula tool in Italy
itululer his formula tool in Italy

The electric and driverless BeElectric-01 vehicle designed by Istanbul Technical University Racing Club students will compete in Formula Student, which will be held in Italy on July 24.

BeElectric-01, an electric and autonomous driverless vehicle, is getting ready to compete in Formula Student Italy. Design began in 2017 Formula Student vehicle beelectric-01, will be held July 24th in Italy's Parma will represent Turkey at Istanbul Technical University and Italian Formula Student race.

Turkey's first Formula Student Electric Tool

BeElectric-01 Project Leader Ömer Demirci stated that ITU Racing Club was established in 2007 within ITU Mechanical Faculty to participate in Formula Student, one of the world's most important student competitions.

He stated that ITU Racing employs 50 students from different disciplines such as machinery, electronic communication, electrical and industrial engineering. Demirci continued his words as follows: “İTÜ members, thanks to the projects produced under the roof of our club; they have experience such as taking responsibility, teamwork, working with time pressure. ”

Indicating that Formula Student is an organization held in 14 different countries around the world and attended by more than 100 universities, Demirci noted that the teams designed and produced Formula racing cars in this competition. The vehicles; He stated that they participated in the track races that took place in 3 different categories as design, technical supervision and dynamic stages and they were ranked according to the points they collected from all stages.

ITU Racing's first Formula Student in 2010, Turkey's first tool for producing F-Bee01 held in the US state of Michigan Formula SAE, and in 2014 gave the information that they began to participate in competitions in Italy.

Demirci gave the following information about the equipment and working principle of the vehicle: “The perception of the environment is provided by lidar and camera sensors. Thanks to the Lidar sensor, the vehicle detects the obstacles around it and continues on its way without mapping them. The stereo camera system detects two different colored cones on the left and right sides of the vehicle and takes a route. ”

The analysis of the data from the detection systems is done on the Nvidia Px2 supercomputer, which runs artificial intelligence algorithms that are specially produced for autonomous vehicles. After the main codes and algorithm are calculated on this computer, they are transmitted as a signal to the powertrain that provides the movement. The vehicle drives a synchronous electric motor with permanent magnets. ”

The nominal power of the engine is 80kW and the calculation computer to take action according to the commands that inform Demirci, 180 mileage speed of the vehicle uses a position-controlled engine for steering movements, said he has a pneumatic system for braking.

itululer his formula tool in Italy
itululer his formula tool in Italy

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