National Railway Signaling Model from ITU

National Railway Signaling Model from ITU: Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Industrial Automation Laboratory impresses with its trainings and projects.
While working on the introduction of current automation technologies and researching application areas between 1997 and 2001 in the laboratory, the information obtained was transferred to technical staff from industrial organizations through activities such as courses and seminars.
Trainings are provided to engineers from large industry organizations such as Ereğli, İsdemir, Şişecam, Tofaş and Renault. New design methods, especially new processors, are described to engineers. Thus, the best example of university-industry cooperation is on display.
The Automation Laboratory was equipped with new devices that enable Electropneumatic and Mechatronics education in the framework of an agreement made between SMC - ENTEK and ITU Faculty of Electrical and Electronics in 2003, and in the same period, students of the Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Faculty offered the opportunity to complete their homework on current automation technologies. Many students have started to work in organizations that are active in this field with the knowledge and skills they have gained in the laboratory.
One of the important projects carried out in the ITU Industrial Automation Laboratory - the National Railway Signalization Project, is a project carried out in partnership with TÜBİTAK and ITU. The foundations of the project started in 2006 and continued in 2009 with the partnership of Siemens and ITU. project, a total of 40 people worked on the project. The project ended exactly in September 2012. The project is actively working at Adapazarı Mithatpaşa station.

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