86 Billion Eur Investment for German Railway Network Renovation Project

Billion euros investment in German railways
Billion euros investment in German railways

Germany plans to invest 86 billion euros for the largest railway network renovation project in its history.

Over the next decade, more than 86 billion Euros will be spent on rail modernization in Germany. The German State will invest 10 billion Euros to rebuild the national rail network in the next 62 years, and Deutsche Bahn is expected to contribute 24.2 billion Euros. Under the agreement, it is aimed to double the number of machinists and train passengers by 2030.

German Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer said the 10 annual plan is the most complex railway modernization program in German history. This program will be the basis of “active climate protection.. Germany has been repeatedly criticized for not spending enough on investments despite its significant financial resources. With this investment, Germany will have the most modern railway line in Europe.

The investment involved replacing worn-out rail systems, improving the status of railway bridges and making architectural changes to facilitate access, particularly for people with disabilities.

Deutsche Bahn has been particularly critical of delays in recent years. Considering that delays up to 6 minutes are calculated as planned arrival, there was a delay in one of every four trains in 2018. Deutsche Bahn had to pay a total 2018 million euros compensation for delays in 53.

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