Mechinists strike affected millions

The machinists' strike has affected millions: Germany is experiencing major disruptions in transport due to the mechanic's strike until Sunday.

Two-thirds of the German railway company Deutsche Bahn (DB) trips were canceled. Millions of passengers were affected by the longest strike in WB history. The strike of the mechanics in the suburban trains caused disruptions in urban transportation.

It was stated that the strike hit the states in the east of Germany and freight traffic. It was stated that a few thousand engineers in the west of the country are civil servants and do not have the right to strike. It was noted that the centers of gravity of the act of stopping work were Berlin, Halle, Leipzig, Dresden, Frankfurt and Mannheim.

While politicians and the WB company want the employer and the union to apply to the Conciliation Board, many politicians demand that such disputes be made mandatory to go to the Conciliation Board. Machinists' Union GDL denies this.

GDL President Claus Weselsky argued that the strike was a fundamental right of union members and argued that the deportation was legal and measured.

Reiterating that the Deutsche Bahn company is not close to the demands of the union, Weselsky said that if the DB administration continues to blame, the GDL members will continue to punish the executives.

Speaking to the AA correspondent at the Berlin Central Train Station, the passengers say that GDL's strike is not measured.


The strike, described as the longest stoppage on the railways in Germany, will last for a total of 138 hours. The strike started on Monday, May 4, at 16.00:03.00 CET, when the drivers in freight trains stopped working. The driver of the passenger trains, on the other hand, stopped working at 10:10.00 this morning. The action of the machinists will continue until XNUMX CET on Sunday, May XNUMX.

Because of the strike, the German economy is estimated to suffer about 500 million euros.

The DB recently offered to pay a total of 1 percent wage increase in two stages from 4,7 July and a one-time payment of one thousand euros until 30 June, but GDL refused.

The union is demanding about $ 5 wage increase for mechanics and less work for 1 hours per week. GDL also wants to limit overtime and improve pension regulation.



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