Authority at TÜVASAŞ

turk transport was the authorized union of you tuvasasta
turk transport was the authorized union of you tuvasasta

The authority of TÜVASAŞ belongs to Türk Ulaş-Sen. Turkish Transportation-Sen Turkey Wagon Industry Inc. (TÜVASAŞ) was authorized on behalf of civil servants working within the trade unions.

Turkish Transportation-Sen Sakarya Branch President Ali Azem Hazelnut, in a written statement, published in the Official Gazette after the regulation on behalf of public officials on behalf of TÜVASAŞ'taki said.

Hazelnut said in a statement, “Our goal is to do unionism. We will use our rights from the law to the end in order to increase the welfare level of the civil servants and to ensure a peaceful working environment by improving personal rights. Kul Hazelnut also stated that they do not have a union understanding that uses discriminatory language and marginalizes people.

President Fındık stated that they will have 190 members at TÜVASAŞ and thanked all members who supported them during the authorization process.

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