National High Speed ​​Train Production is the National Case of Eskişehir, Not TÜLOMSAŞ

national high speed train production tulomsasin not the national cause of Eskisehir
national high speed train production tulomsasin not the national cause of Eskisehir

Celalettin Kesikbaş, President of Eskişehir Chamber of Industry: çaba It is essential to make efforts for the production of fast locomotives and national high speed train sets in Eskişehir and to make necessary lobbying studies on this subject. This is not only the case of TÜLOMSAŞ, but also the national cause of Eskişehir.

Eskişehir Chamber of Industry (ESO) President Celalettin Kesikbaş, ES TV broadcasting program, ES TV Chief Editor Ali Baş answered questions. Kesikbaş mentioned about Eskişehir industry and their work as a Chamber.

Referring to the importance of national and local high-speed train locomotive systems in Eskişehir, Kesikbaş said, “Because we have a culture for more than a hundred years and it is about rail systems. In Eskişehir, it is absolutely necessary to carry out studies for the production of high-speed locomotives and high-speed train sets and to make necessary lobbying studies on this subject. This is the national cause of Eskişehir, is a sine qua non. ”He said.Eskişehir high-speed train and locomotive systems to implement an important infrastructure that says and emphasizing the cooperation with TÜLOMSAŞ Kesikbaş,“ This is not only the case of TÜLOMSAŞ. As a result, we are all organizations that own TÜLOMSAŞ. This is the national cause of Eskişehir. That means hundreds of companies eat bread. This is the ecosystem. TÜLOMSAŞ is not alone. We have very serious companies in Eskişehir to produce this technology. We also know that these are in Eskişehir. We just need to properly explain this ecosystem to those in Ankara. TÜLOMSAŞ may be the leader of this business, but thousands of people will eat bread. This is the right of Eskişehir. I'm not in favor of giving us this right. We will fight to the end. What we do and what we will bring it to Eskisehir. As you know, there is a URAYSİM project in Eskişehir. URAYSİM and local national high speed train are indispensable in Eskişehir. There are two things that will open up the horizon of Eskişehir, one is rail systems and the other is aviation. Kul

Volkswagen made to Turkey by the President of the ESO stated that they planned to conduct studies of the automotive plant investment to come to Eskisehir Celalettin Kesikbaş, "Eskişehir very valuable," he said

Turkey planned to be done by Volkswagen automotive plant investment of work that expresses Kesikbaş walked to come to Eskişehir, "This car is not a new issue. An important German company of foreign origin, but the end of the 2018'in 2019, such as our news was the beginning of our investment. An important investment. extremely important for the Republic of Turkey. In Eskişehir, we have been doing the necessary works for 6 month and making the necessary presentations. We shared all the necessary information from the economic structure of the city to education. But there are issues that the investor looks at in this kind of investments. They make many calculations from the proximity to the ports to the sub-industry. There are three or five candidate cities. In this sense, as Eskişehir Chamber of Industry, we have done all kinds of work and still continue. The subjects discussed are the fact that there are parties in Gebze, Karasu, Adapazarı, Kocaeli and Bursa. But every city also has contradictory sounds. But the fact that such an investment is in Eskişehir is very valuable for Eskişehir. It's unlikely to come, but we're trying to turn it into a positive. Make sure there's all kinds of backstage work. We have all the necessary contacts. Organized Industrial Zone has activities like us. I'm sure the other rooms are also active. ”

Explaining the number of mortgaged and protested bills in Eskişehir, Kesikbaş said, var There is an increase in the number of mortgaged housing sales. However, other home sales are declining. The number of protested bills has increased dramatically in the last 6 months. For example, the number of promissory notes protesting over 2 thousand TL in January continues in the 708, 606, 600 band. This is on the 400 band last year. But when we look at the distribution of the protested bill amounts, 10 is around a million. 18 million in the previous month, 28 million in January. Last year these figures were less than half of them. Again in Eskişehir, there is an increase in the number of unpaid checks. Two-fold increase compared to last year. The amount is also twice as much as last year. In particular, in January and March, March, April, 14 million unrequited checks. When we look at the numbers, it shows many things. Things aren't going too well. But we still have to be cautiously optimistic. As Eskişehir, we have taken more loans and have less deposits. Our savings have decreased and there is a contraction in our equity..

Kesikbaş said that the industrialists should be supported and said, m It is not a problem to be sold to foreigners. Not to be afraid of this. Turkish companies are cheap now, but especially the industrialists are bored. As a room we have to create hope in people, but the conversation goes like this: I'll sell, let go, let me go. Because industrialism is very difficult. When he enters the factory in industrialism, the worker says he exploits my surplus value. You go to the state, the state sees you as a potential thief. You go home, you work Saturday, you go abroad, you go after business. The industrialist is useless. We had a serious choice. It creates an expectation or a loss for each post-election. We have external financial problems. There are fluctuations in financial markets. Demand fell in the country. The industrialist needs to be supported during this period. ”

Kesikbaş said that the election issue should be closed and the economy should be discussed. “We said that the election issue should be closed after the election and we should look at the economy. This is very important for the national unity of the country. Let's bring the economy to the surface. But the 23 June elections delayed them. As of now, regardless of the political outcome, the subject of the industrialist is: The elections are over. After that we will talk about politics, not economy as nation nation. I think we're living those days again. There's fidgeting. The industrialist needs funding. Investment banking needs to be considered. It is necessary to reinforce the industrial capital of the industrialist. This does not work by closing or shrinking factories. The industrial sector to be funded should be funded with at least 100 billion pounds and people should be directed in a way more export oriented. In the 2018 500 Turkey's first company that 50 percent of total revenue in the list xnumx's appealing to Turkey so we we're paying in interest. Make sure this 89 big company has a reflection of this in Eskisehir. You produce, you win. The money you earn is also invested in the banks again. Then you can not grow as a company ”.

“The aviation sector is a shining star in Eskişehir, Kes Kesikbaş said.“ Our cluster works well and our companies are high-level. There is a need for roof companies that may be the locomotive in Eskişehir. We have a company in the white goods sector. There is an ecosystem underneath, and hundreds of companies are eating bread. We have a TAI. We have Alpine Aviation. Under it, dozens of firm eats bread. In this sense, I am sure that the aviation sector will improve in Eskişehir. We have very good companies. ”

"Eskisehir, Turkey's exports by 5 percent better," said Kesikbaş, "According to our figures, our exports to Turkey have grown around the 18 percent compared to last year. So it 12 near Turkey average. Our exports continue to increase. 1 billion 60 million 2018. Things are not going bad in Eskisehir. If we include the exporters headquartered in Istanbul, 2.5-2.6 is a million figure. So Eskisehir on overall exports of Turkey. Turkey also is growing this business. There is also a decline in imports. In the last 12 month we have imported 868 million dollars. When you look at the current surplus. We cardia. In other words, we are scoring 3 goals in Germany and Germany seems to be scoring 2 goals. Last year the table was not like that. Last year we had 1 billion 60 exports, 920 imports. Our performance this year is better. We are doing very serious work. The individual performances of our companies are also very important. Because for all of us at home, things have shrunk, we will take our bags will go abroad. That's for sure. We will export more. ”

Kesikbaş said the increase in unemployment in Turkey, "This information is not stored. Currently there is an unemployment data around 14,7 percent when you look at an extremely high figure. There is an unemployment rate of 25-26 in youth unemployment. How do you say this is reflected in Eskişehir? In general, there are no mass layoffs. Most of the people have moved to norm cadres to narrow their budgets. The 241 person you are working with is your norm staff 230 person. Maybe 5-10 personality stickers from there. Norm staffed because somehow everyone is trying to stay in those safe harbors. There were no collective stickers in Eskisehir. Such rumors are unfortunately happening. To say that, we are making member visits. our colleagues need to persevere. Industrialists don't make big money. Industrialists do not have a rich life like the series. Especially the bosses working in Eskişehir are working day and night. They are trying hard and I believe that they are sharing their labor. ”

Source : Anadolu Newspaper

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