Kocaoglu Attended IZBAN Crisis on TV Program

Kocaoglu evaluated the Izban crisis in the TV program
Kocaoglu evaluated the Izban crisis in the TV program

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu also evaluated the union's wages for the workers who went on strike in İZBAN during the Günaydın TV's Gündem Politics program.

Commenting on the strike of İZBAN, Kocaoğlu said, Koca İZBAN suggested the figure. We are also behind TCDD. Percent 22 ratio was determined. This is a healthy rate. There is an increase in inflation, but there is no share of prosperity. What does the welfare share mean? It means getting a profit. If welfare, if the economy grows, the enterprise does not say profit, if it reduces the loss or increases the profit, then it increases the share of welfare. It's not just a shortage of money. This economic crisis is a structural crisis. This crisis cannot be remedied without the necessary measures being taken since structural measures are not taken, financial crisis is passed and resources are not created. I would like to share with you anytime, anywhere that the economic crisis will bring about a political crisis and our country will experience serious crises. All of the society, the biggest businessman from the shopkeepers all of 81 million has to drink this bitter medicine. It cannot be invested only in debt, it is the abyss. I read yesterday that the solidarity dues paid by the unions to the workers were lifted during the strike. The union says it has no such obligations. If there are no such obligations, why does the union collect dues? It's not my business what the union's been doing for years. Not my business either. I believed they could continue the strike with solidarity fees. If the union says I cannot pay such a fee, it means that our employees, our brothers and sisters, as well as our fellow citizens, will be in serious trouble. If he can not provide support, then the percentage of the 22 hike to dislike the hand and push back the strike began why, why he continued; you should also question it. bunu



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