woman at the head of the steering wheel
54 Sakarya

Women Drivers at the Wheel in Sakarya

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality The new female drivers of the transportation fleet were at the wheel. Merve Fet said, ım I worked as a steering trainer for 4 years. I was encouraged to see our sisters Bahar and Derya who had previously joined the transportation fleet. Them [more…]

transportation to istanbul airport is postponed again
34 Istanbul

Moving to Istanbul Airport Postponed Again

It has been claimed that the decision to be postponed was taken from the meeting held today regarding the relocation to Istanbul Airport, which was officially opened by President Tayyip Erdogan on October 29. According to the news of Airport Haber, today, Transport and Infrastructure [more…]

the ministry of transport and infrastructure ministries
06 Ankara

Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

Speaking at the General Assembly of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey on the budget of the Ministry, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Cahit Turhan said: May God have mercy on the citizens who lost their lives in the tragic train accident in Ankara, condolences to their relatives and the nation, and speedy recovery to the injured. [more…]

A revolutionary study has been launched in Sakarya
54 Sakarya

A Revolutionary Work Has Been Launched in Sakarya

Sakarya metropolitan municipality in Arifiye implemented by the bridge created a great satisfaction in the region. Türkçaybaşı District Headman Şaban Balçık said, “The bridge is not only for our neighborhood, but also for the comfort and transportation of the region. [more…]

news longest night enjoyment movie izmir news haberturk · 10 min
35 Izmir

The Longest Night of 'Cinema with Cars'

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will hold a "car cinema" event on December 21, the longest night of the year. Yılmaz Erdoğan's film “Butterfly Dream” will be screened on the giant screen to be set up in İnciraltı. Sound of the movie, closed-circuit radio [more…]

The training seminar was organized at the Kardamir Industrial 4 0
78 Karabuk

Industry 4.0 Training Seminar Held in Kardemir

Industry 4.0 training seminar was organized within the scope of training activities carried out to increase the knowledge and competence of the employees in Kardemir. Kardemir seminar held at the Education and Culture Center Siemens Turkey and former director of the Academy ION [more…]