the court has decided to stop izban flights will stop completely
35 Izmir

Court Decides, İZBAN Campaigns Will Stop Fully

İzmir Karşıyaka 1. The Labor Court found the IZBAN administration unfair, running seven trains with retired mechanics to break the strike of IZBAN workers on strike. The court stopped the train with a precautionary measure. Izmir Karşıyaka 1. Seen today in the Labor Court [more…]

dhmiye two important odul
06 Ankara

Two Important Awards to DHMİ

Being one of the most ambitious organizations in the world aviation with its projects and superior service understanding, DHMİ crowned its success with two prestigious awards. State Airports Administration (SAMA) General Directorate of Turkey's 500 Largest Service [more…]

Aycicegi Bike Valley 7 24 in Service
54 Sakarya

Sunflower Bike Valley 7 / 24 In Service

The Sunflower Valley and Bicycle Island, which were brought to the city by Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality, attract great attention from the citizens. Kalk said, “We offer service to our citizens 24 hours a day. Not only the citizens of the region, but also many citizens from all over the city visit our facilities. [more…]

16 Bursa

Asphalt Season Was Efficient in Bursa

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which announced the 2018 as s road year kırsal at the beginning of the period and started the asphalting move in the 17 district not only in the city center, but also carried out 210 km hot asphalt and 350 km surface coating within a year. [more…]

invitation to the disaster
35 Izmir

Invitations to the Disaster are Made in İZBAN

The İZBAN strike in Izmir has left two weeks behind. İZBAN administration, on the other hand, continues its 'scabs' which is defined as a crime in the laws. Moreover, by operating a huge rail transportation system operated by more than 300 workers with seven retired machinists ... Maintenance, control and [more…]

the first 6 daily damage of the desired gum
35 Izmir

İZBAN's First 6 Daily Loss Has Been Passed by Hike

İZBAN bureaucrats who do not accept their workers' demands for collective bargaining put the institution in harm's way. The strike entered its 6th day, while the first 15-day damage of İZBAN coincided with the one-year demands of the workers. Izmir, the most important transportation network of Izmir in public transport [more…]

court decision
35 Izmir

The decision of the court to be given eyes in İZBAN

In the İZBAN strike, where two weeks have been left behind, all eyes are on the scab decision of the court. Stating that they will not stop continuing their strikes no matter what the court decides, the workers react against Kocaoğlu's not giving any further raise on the pretext of the crisis. Kocaoğlu's party with the CHP [more…]

Why is the transportation to Istanbul airport postponed
34 Istanbul

Why was moving to Istanbul Airport postponed?

In the article I wrote 2 weeks ago, I wrote that the delay of the move of Istanbul Airport at the end of December may come to the agenda and it would not be a surprise if the decision to postpone it. As a matter of fact, I wrote that the opening will be held on October 29, and there will be no delay in the opening. [more…]

42 Konya

President Altay, has passed Vatman Seat

Mayor of Konya Metropolitan Municipality Uğur İbrahim Altay, after the examinations of the Metropolitan Municipality Wastewater Treatment Plants and Tatlıcak Facilities, carried out investigations at the Public Transport Simulation Center, used buses and trams, President Altay who examined the Public Transport Simulation Center, [more…]

roads in the capital
06 Ankara

Roads are Easier with Direction Signs in Başkent

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has started the installation works of the new direction signs to ensure that the capital transportation is safer and more comfortable. The need for the four sides of the capital, the system sheets that are found to be worn, worn and unusable [more…]

samsunda tramway level crossing accident
55 Samsun

Tram Accident in Samsun

An accident occurred on the Mimar Sinan tram stop line in the Atakum district of Samsun in the morning when a train passed. When the tram is crossing the level crossing, the driver of the vehicle cannot move in accordance with the distance of the train. [more…]

tender bult

RayHaber 24.12.2018 Tender Bulletin

Barrier Level Crossing Guard Service Private Security Service Will Be Taken Car Rental Service Will Be Taken Completing the Deficiencies in Palandöken Logistics Center Similar News:RayHaber 02.01.2018 Bidding BulletinRayHaber 03.01.2018 Bidding BulletinRayHaber 04.01.2018 Bidding BulletinRayHaber 05.01.2018 Tender [more…]

kocaoglu gave messages from ankaradan
35 Izmir

Kocaoğlu gave messages from Ankara

Speaking at the interview of METU Alumni Association in Ankara, Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu gave important messages to İZBAN from the construction crisis until the dreams after the presidency. Kocaoglu, "18 age, I started as a revolutionary in the faculty, I'm still revolutionary with the same spirit," he said. Izmir [more…]

in Istanbul subway fault cleared expeditions froze to normal
34 Istanbul

Metro Fault Fixed in Istanbul, Trips Returned to Normal

Yenikapı-Gayrettepe subway services in Istanbul could not be made due to signaling failure. In the statement made on the official Twitter account of Metro Istanbul; It was reported that the malfunction in the metro line that occurred in the morning hours was corrected and the trips returned to normal. Made from the official Twitter account of Metro Istanbul [more…]

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