Light Rail System Not Suitable for Yozgat

yozgata light rail system not suitable
yozgata light rail system not suitable

It was stated that the urban light rail system project, which came to the agenda in Yozgat in recent years, was not an efficient and feasible project.

Yozgat public opinion from time to time the subject of debate, the fate of the light rail system project related to the Mayor of Yozgat Kazim Arslan, made a statement in the social media account. President Arslan, light rail system analysis and feasibility studies at the end of the project, and the project is not an efficient project can be done, he said. President Arslan, said in a statement on the subject, lam The necessary feasibility report was prepared. It is believed that there is no efficient and feasible project. In particular, it is not possible to cover such costs with municipal resources. Over time it is more convenient to consider the metrobus-style transportation to the main reports in the reports, tarz he said. (Source: the ilerigazete)

Günceleme: 21/12/2018 14:40

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