turkiyenin first driverless metro in the years 1
34 Istanbul

Turkey's first driverless metro in 1 year!

The M5 Üsküdar-Çekmeköy metro line, which is the first and still the only driverless metro line in our country and Istanbul, is 1 year old. Üsküdar and Yamanevler on 15 December 2017 with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the State Officer [more…]

train crashes should go down to the bottom
06 Ankara

Train Crashes should be at the bottom to end!

Turkish Transportation-Sen made a written statement, the increase in recent years and the lives of many of our citizens to end these accidents in order to end the accident caused by the TCDD and said necessary measures should be taken in depth. Turkish Transportation-Sen [more…]

smart bicycle starts in Sakarya

Smart Bike Period Begins in Sakarya

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality is implementing a new study that will expand the transportation of bicycles. Fatih Pistil, who announced that they will establish 15 bicycle station to various points of the city, will be offering 100 bicycle service with our stations. Bike rental citizens will be able to provide transportation. Good luck Hayır [more…]

no crew
35 Izmir

None of the Subcontractor Workers in İZBAN

In İZBAN, where permanent workers are on strike, the request of subcontracted workers for staff was rejected. Following the regulation that paved the way for the recruitment of subcontracted workers in SEEs, a rejection came to the subcontracted workers working in İZBAN, who applied once again. İZBAN [more…]

ekrem yuceden is visiting tuvasasa
54 Sakarya

Visit from Ekrem Yüce to TÜVASAŞ

AK Party Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor candidate Ekrem Yüce visited Turkey Wagon Industry A.Ş.. TÜVASAŞ Deputy General Manager Dr. Ekrem Yüce, who met with Yakup Karabakh; "Turkey is an important value for TÜVASAŞ and Sakarya, our [more…]

akpli aydin unaldan admits train crash
06 Ankara

Train Accident Confession from AKP's Aydın Ünal

Aydın Ünal, who worked as a copywriter for President Erdoğan for 8 years and was elected a deputy from the AKP for two terms, reacted to the conspiracy allegations regarding the cause of the train accident in Ankara and wrote that the cause of the accident was the lack of signaling. President Erdoğan's old text [more…]

work security of the north marmara highway is not worth mentioning the wages of the workers
41 Kocaeli

The North Marmara Motorway Workplaces Are Not Paid

Two weeks ago, in Gebze, where three workers were killed and one worker was seriously injured as a result of the collapse of the concrete block, workers react to the non-payment of their salaries, the lack of occupational safety measures, and poor working and accommodation conditions. Behind the bosses [more…]

yht facian
06 Ankara

The Root Cause of the YHT Disaster 'Known Negligence' Chain

It turned out that the YHT disaster in Ankara, where 9 people died, came after a chain of neglect. The company, which won the tender, opened the line to voyages by making a "temporary acceptance application" before the project is over. However, this line, which runs 12 trains a day, is not included in the tender. [more…]

date 18 range of today 1926 samsun sivas line

Today in History: 18 December 1926 Samsun-Sivas Line ...

Today in History, 18 December 1923, the Ministry of Public Works announced through the notary public that the Chester privilege was canceled. 18 December 1926 The construction of the Turhal-Sivas section of the Samsun-Sivas Line was given to the Belgian Societe Industtrielle desTrava-ux company. From March 1, 1927, 3 [more…]