2019 year minimum fee
06 Ankara

2019 Announced Minimum Wage

The Minimum Wage Determination Commission, consisting of workers, employers and government representatives, will meet at the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services on Tuesday, December 2019, 25 at 2018:10 to determine the minimum wage to be effective in 00. [more…]

modern facility for vanda public buses
65 Van

Modern Facility for Public Buses in Van

Van Metropolitan Municipality by the departure point of the Private Public Bus fully-equipped building of the movement was completed. İpekyolu district Governor Mithat bey Neighborhood Çavuşbaşı located on the street Private Public Buses move [more…]

28 kilometer cycle path
07 Antalya

28 Kilometer Bicycle Road from Konyaaltı to Lara

Work has started on the Bicycle Road Project of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality that will provide uninterrupted cycling access between Lara and Konyaaltı. With this project, Antalya residents will be able to pedal safely from Konyaalti to Lara by using 28 kilometers of bicycle path. Big city [more…]

izban flights stopped completely
35 Izmir

İZBAN Expeditions Fully Stopped!

İZBAN (İzmir Suburban System) flights in İzmir have completely stopped. There was a strike in İZBAN for 15 days, but additional expeditions were being made. Demiryol-İş İzmir Branch's accusation that the ongoing strike in İZBAN was broken and that additional train services [more…]

izban flights stopped the strike of the workers met with joy
35 Izmir

Stopping the İZBAN Expeditions

The strike that started in İZBAN after the workers could not come to an agreement with the İZBAN management in the collective bargaining negotiations that started in July has entered its 16th day. Railway Workers' Union İzmir Branch continues in İzmir Suburban Transportation Inc. (İZBAN). [more…]


Yesterday and Today Railways

It was perhaps one of the most critical days of the War of Independence. The Turkish nation was one step behind the life and death war. Behiç Bey, who assumed responsibility for the railways in the war, received a telegram. The sender is Atatürk: hızlandır Accelerate the shipment; trains latest [more…]

sekapark subway tram line 6 new vehicle
41 Kocaeli

6 New Vehicle to Akçaray Tram Line

4 major project, which is under construction by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, will be completed and put into service in the first quarter of the new year. Köseköy Köprülü Intersection (sank-out) project is the first month of the new year in January, Değirmendere Yüzbaşılar Köprülü [more…]

tcdd transport will make permanent staff recruitment 353
06 Ankara

TCDD Transport 353 to Make Permanent Staff Recruitment

TCDD Transportation Inc. It has been announced that 353 permanent workers will be recruited in various art branches through the General Directorate of Turkish Employment Agency (İŞKUR). In the announcement published by TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş., “It will be included in the FINAL LIST notified by İŞKUR. [more…]

Traffic to Sakarya is taken under the lens
54 Sakarya

Sakarya's Traffic is Under the Focus

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality is implementing a new project in transportation. Pehlivan said, ile With the new system, the average travel time between two or more desired points, average speed measurement and traffic density measurement [more…]

ferry service from quarantine starts
35 Izmir

Ferry Expeditions Start from Karantina

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will start ferry services to Quarantine on Wednesday, December 26. President Aziz Kocaoğlu will also join the first expedition, which will depart from Quarantine to Alsancak at 07.40. In maritime transportation with its fleet equipped with state-of-the-art ships [more…]

suruculer attention istanbula snow is coming
34 Istanbul

Drivers Attention! Snow comes down in Istanbul

In line with the information received from the General Directorate of Meteorology, it will be possible to see heavy rains in the form of heavy rain at intervals throughout the province starting from the evening today, with temperatures of 4°C in the city center and XNUMX°C in the high regions from Tuesday (tomorrow) morning [more…]