Restriction on Vehicle Entries in Kemeraltı

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is implementing a pedestrianization project prepared for the revitalization of the historical shopping center Kemeraltı. 15 From July to the Kemeralti Bazaar only at certain times of the day can enter the vehicle. During the day, pedestrians will be able to shop at the market more freely and safely.

As one of the oldest and largest open-air bazaars in the world, Izmir is entering the new era in the historical Kemeraltı Bazaar, which is one of the values ​​it has. 15, which is considered to be an important factor in Kemeraltı's revitalization and which is important for the environment and human health, starts in July.

Pedestrians will relax, pollution will decrease
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Kemeralti organized a meeting for tradesmen to limit the entry of motor vehicles passed the information about the new arrangement. Due to the vehicle traffic in the historical bazaar, the pedestrian circulation is constantly interrupted, the shopping is adversely affected, handicapped-child cars and bicyclists are forced to walk around, while the load flow-down during the flow of footage experienced in the flow of metropolitan authorities, damage to the historic texture and noise pollution in the decision was reported in the decision .

Automatic barriers come into play
Kemeraltı Bazaar, 15 will be open only during the day, from 10.30 to 17.30. The entrance of vehicles to the pedestrian zone on the boundaries of the Kemeraltı will be controlled by barriers. The management of the barriers will be carried out by İzmir Transportation Center (İZUM) established by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. Thanks to the movable barrier system that reads the plate, the streets will belong to the pedestrians during the day, motor vehicles will only be able to enter and exit at defined time intervals. Thanks to the intercom and camera system, emergency response vehicles such as fire brigade and ambulance will be able to serve comfortably in case of need.

Cargo bikes, electric vehicles
The maximum speed limit for motor vehicles in the area is determined as 20 km per hour. In the time zone where motor vehicle traffic is prohibited, merchandise will be provided by goods entry, hand trolleys, cargo bikes and small electric vehicles. In open hours, only commercial vehicles with permits for transportation up to 3 will be allowed in the area. All loading and unloading operations in the region will be carried out in the region's open time zones. The download and trapping operations that should be done in the time period when the bazaar is closed to traffic can only be carried out at the points determined in the pedestrian zone.



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