General Directorate of ESHOT announces about 60 age cards

General Directorate of ESHOT made a statement about 60 age cards: 125-60 citizens who can only use their transportation cards for a limited fee between 65 and TL are able to benefit from public transportation at any time of the day. Moreover, the annual card usage fee will not pay.

The General Directorate of ESHOT made a statement about the news that the 60 age cards were canceled. ESHOT General Directorate officials, 60-65 age between the mass transportation services of Izmir will continue to use by specifying, 60 31 2017 January cards from the date of the date of the "student tariff" will be valid, he said. Thus, 125 TL for one year card usage fee. (10.00 - 16.00) 19.00 - 24.00 reduced the amount of public transportation between the limited hours (in the morning 60-65 and XNUMX). The citizens of XNUMX - XNUMX age will continue to benefit from the public transportation by paying student tariffs from now on. Moreover, the annual card usage fee will not pay.

Both at any time of the day and discount
Reminding that the application should not be perceived as the annulment of the 60 age cards, the General Directorate of ESHOT officials said, OT Our citizens who were using 60 age card were having problems in the morning due to the time limitation to do their operations with hospitals, banks and official offices. He bought a full boarding card to pay for his work, paid full boarding fees, and this was a problem for their budget. Now we will organize personal 60 age cards again. Citizens will benefit from the public transportation via the 7 / 24 discount by downloading this card. The current 60 age cards will expire on 31 January 2017 lar.

31 Range warning
ESHOT General Directorate officials also announced that the old-style (Kentkart) cards used in public transportation will expire as of December 31, 2016. In the new year, only İzmirim Cards will be valid in public transportation and old-style cards will be closed for use. In addition to public transportation, İzmirim Cards, which are designed as city cards, have started to be used as payment instruments in İzmir Metropolitan Municipality's Sasalı Wildlife Park, Smart Toilets, Cable Car, Bornova Aşık Veysel Recreation Area. İzmirim Cards will be used as a payment tool in car parks and Bisim services very soon.

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