33 France

The story of the train wreck of Montparnassedaki

The story of the train wreck in Montparnasse: The train, which was traveling from Granville towards the Montparnasse station in Paris, by increasing its speed by the mechanic for fear of being late, and could not be stopped when it entered the station, the most striking train of the 19th century. [more…]

35 Bulgaria

Train Crash in Bulgaria

Train Accident in Bulgaria: In the city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria, an accident occurred as a result of the collision of a passenger train with a locomotive going from Sofia to Istanbul. Nine people, including German, Spanish and Portuguese passengers [more…]

Intercity Railways

Karsta train service restarted

Train services in Karsta resumed: After the rails damaged in the bomb attack on the freight train by terrorists in the Sarıkamış district of Kars were repaired, train services were resumed. The freight train from Erzurum to Kars arrived in Sarıkamış on 30 July. [more…]

34 Istanbul

The subway tender of the Third Airport is also OK

The metro tender of the Third Airport is also complete: Gayrettepe-3, which will provide access to the Third Airport. The tender for the study-project construction for the Airport Metro Line has been concluded. The line will be 33 kilometers long. Feridun, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications [more…]

01 Adana

Adana Hot Air Barrier (Special News)

Hot Weather Barrier to Adana Railway: There are disruptions in the Adana - Mersin railway, which is used by many freight and passenger trains, due to the heat. The rails inside the bridge on the Mersin – Adana arrival side are excessive. [more…]

48 Poland

New Trams Arrive in Poland

New Trams Coming to Poland: The first of the trams to be used in Poland's Slaskie city tram line has started test drives. After the test drive is completed, the first tram is expected to enter service at the end of this month. moderntrans [more…]

91 India

Metro Comes to Lucknow City, India

Subway Coming to Lucknow City, India: The Indian government has passed the bill for the construction of a new metro line to the city of Lucknow. The cost of the new line planned to be built is 69,3 billion Indian Rupees (1,1 billion). [more…]