Level Crossing Report from Mus Police Department

📩 07/12/2018 16:22

Muş Police Department Level Crossing Report: Muş Police Department Traffic Suspension and Bundling Branch recently announced a report on the Solhan-Mus level crossing where traffic accidents occurred.

The traffic police station in the passageway in the district of Hınıs, which is connected to the center of Muş, has started an investigation. In the report that indicated that all warning signs are present in the level crossing which caused the accidents, as It is seen that there is a code difference between the asphalt floor and the railway floor at the level of the passage of passage, and the difference in height of the 28 centimeter on the railway floor was determined in the measurement we made. At the same point, it was seen that the elevation in the railway crossing started immediately and it took a ramp state due to the increase in the turn and slope as it continued towards the left lane in the direction of Bingöl in the direction of Bingöl. Id

Security Directorate explaining the approximate 6 monthly records about the crossing of the investigation, adan 6 fatal / wounded, 1 traffic accident with 2 damage during 3 months prior to work, 6 mortal / wounded 8 month after work, 2 It has been determined that a total 10 traffic accident has occurred. Even though it is determined that the drivers caused accidents by not following the warning signs and the speed limits, it is seen that the balance of the vehicles is severely deteriorated due to the above mentioned points and the drivers are completely eliminated. In order to prevent any damage to the life and property of our people, necessary correspondences have been made in order to determine and correct the problems in a coordinated and urgent manner by considering the above issues by taking into consideration the above issues Halk.

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