Metro Comes to Lucknow City, India

Metro Coming to Lucknow City, India: The Indian government has passed a bill to build a new metro line to the city of Lucknow. The cost of the planned new line is estimated to be Rupees 69,3 billion ($ 1,1 billion). The project will be carried out jointly by the central government and the state of Uttar Pradesh. It was stated that the financial support for the project will be through loans from various agencies.

The planned 1A line will be located between Chaudhary Charan Singh international airport and Munshipula. 19,4 km of the line is planned to be above ground and 3,4 km is planned to be underground.

The new line 2016 will be commissioned in December, Lucknow City's subway operator said. After the completion of the line, the transportation problem of the city is aimed to be solved to a great extent.

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