49 Germany


Disgusting incident on the tram: In Berlin, racists urinated on immigrant children. In Berlin, the capital of Germany, two extreme right-wingers verbally abused an immigrant mother and her two sons, and then [more…]

52 Army

Towards the End of Çambaşı Ski Resort

Towards the End in the Construction of Çambaşı Ski Facility: It has been reported that the ski facility built on Çambaşı Plateau with an altitude of 2000 in Kabadüz district has come to an end. Ordu Metropolitan Mayor Enver Yılmaz, skiing [more…]

Intercity Railways

Muşta Train accident

Musta Train accident: According to the information received, the accident occurred at the level crossing near Düzkışla town of Hasköy district. One person was injured as a result of the freight train hitting the truck in Muş. According to the information received, the accident [more…]


Overtime from the ceiling

Engineer from the ceiling overtime: Officer sеndikаlаrının this year's tоplu contract negotiation tаlеp еtti the lowest increase оrаnın mаliyеti 24 milyаr lira оlurkеn, tоplu Sözlеşmе mаSаX. 16 was a billion-pound reconciliation. [more…]