They want an overpass to the neighborhood where the railroad passes

They want an overpass to the neighborhood where the railway passes: The residents of Hafızpaşa District of Kars, which is connected to the center, asked for an overpass for comfortable and safe pedestrian transportation in the neighborhood where the railway is divided into two.

Some of the citizens living in Hafızpaşa District gathered in front of the Station Directorate and explained their problems. They said that due to the lack of an overpass in Hafızpaşa, where the railway divides the neighborhood into two, pedestrians cross over to the other side using railroad cars and wagons, which caused accidents. Stating that there have been many accidents in the past years, Hafızpaşa District Headman Şükrü Toraman said:

“The neighborhood is not even full. Citizens have to go to the city center on foot. Our spouses and children cannot use the existing underpass. Because the underpass became the place of thinners. We have applied to the relevant institutions many times. Either clean the thinners or get us an overpass. But none of them took any action on this issue. "

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