7 Kazakhstan

Modern Trains Coming to Kazakhstan

Modern Trains Coming to Kazakhstan: Askar Mamin, head of Kazakhstan Railways, announced that new Talgo trains will be purchased for use on the country's railways. It was also stated in the statement that the trains to be taken will enter service towards the end of this year. Spanish [more…]


Izmir Metro Introduces New Trains

İzmir Metro Introduces Its New Trains: İzmir Metropolitan Municipality shared the designs of new metro trains with the public. An agreement was signed with the Chinese company CNR earlier this year on the purchase of trains. With a new decision [more…]

994 Azerbaijan

TE33A Locomotives Reached Azerbaijan

TE33A Locomotives Arrive in Azerbaijan: The first of 10 TE33A type diesel locomotives ordered by Azerbaijan railways has been delivered. The locomotive, which was delivered with a ceremony held in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, on August 3, has thus survived a long journey. [more…]

Intercity Railways

Tatvan Explosion at Elazığ Train

Explosion on Tatvan Elazığ Train: A bomb attack was organized on the freight train in Muş. There were no casualties and injuries, while the 6 wagon was damaged. According to information received, a group of PKK Tatvan-Elazig 53015 campaign [more…]

35 Izmir

Natural gas pipe in the tram construction

The natural gas pipe was pierced in the construction of the tram: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's Karşıyaka During the works carried out in the construction of the tram, the natural gas pipe belonging to İzmirgaz was punctured. It took place in front of the Ephesus Blocks in the construction of the line on Bostanlı Cahar Dudayev Boulevard. [more…]

34 Istanbul

The gospel of metrobus in Istanbul

Istanbul's metrobus gospel The ordeal ends: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is preparing to carry the charging service that smart buses used in recent years to the metrobuses. IMM reported that the charging service will spread to the whole fleet in a short time. İBB in buses [more…]