34 Istanbul

Pendik metro construction accident

Accident in Pendik metro construction site: While the irons to be used in the construction at the Pendik metro construction site were being carried from the crane, they fell on a worker. Workers trapped under hundreds of kilos of iron were rescued by the work of fire brigades. [more…]

Intercity Railways

Locomotive Hits Car In Samsun

Locomotive Hits Car in Samsun: The accident that occurred as a result of the locomotive hitting the car at the level crossing in Samsun was avoided with material damage. The accident took place next to Kefeli Junction in Kılıçdede District of İlkadım district. [more…]

16 Bursa

Bursa ropeway stations rent out

Bursa cable car stations are out for rent: 2 independent sections in 23 stations in the new cable car built by Bursa Teleferik A.Ş. by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality with the build-operate-transfer method. Bursa [more…]

35 Izmir

Bostanlı Artisan Tram Call

Bostanli Tradesmen Call for Tram: 10 has been on the agenda for years Karşıyaka While the construction work on the tram continues, the concerns of the tradesmen are growing day by day. Bostanli Tradesmen and [more…]

36 Macaristan

Hungary's Budapest-Esztergon Line Reopens

The Budapest-Ezztergom Line has been put into service again in Hungary: Hungarian national passenger operator MAV-Start announced that the line between Budapest and Esztergom, whose modernization has been completed, has been put into service again. Thus, starting from August 20, the line will be closed again. [more…]