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Within the scope of the high-speed train project, the train service from Anatolia to Haydarpaşa Train Station was stopped. Buffet and restaurant owners serving in the garage complain that they cannot sell due to lack of passengers and cannot pay their rent. Stating that they have emotional ties with the Gara, tradesmen state that the station should not undergo much change.

Gar Büfe Newspaper Dealer Erhak Yaka complained that newspaper and magazine sales decreased with the cancellation of flights and that he sold two magazines almost daily.

“I've been here since 2003. Passengers who took the long way would buy a bag of magazines, but now I'm even paying the rent, I'll have to remove the staff next to me. We didn't know about the closure of the station, no one had contacted us, we watched what was going to end at the station. According to what we read, two years later they would distribute the kiosks to the floors and this information was not officially told. We are not in a position to endure, the other day they asked the Minister of Transport, 'What about the trades there?' He said, 'There are no trades there!' he replied. As if they are ignoring us, you can calculate 150-200 buffet on both sides, if 4 employees work in a buffet, consider how many people will be on the bread. They say I did, we do not have a culture of democracy.

Ler They can lower rents in the near term, they can employ in another place in the long term, they can show places, they can say that you can establish this business there. 2 year no one will come here, withstand power. You risk it if you have money but no money, we are living on a daily basis, now hit the bottom since the morning I sold 2 magazines, newspapers have reduced. Nevertheless, we ate bread from Haydarpaşa, provided our livelihood from here, we provided our house here; So Haydarpasa gave us what to give. Thank God, we thank you, thank you. One of the children came, Uncle said I started university I was going to the university I'm going I'm still here 'he said. We did a lot of shopping from you said halal meat. En

Gar Restaurant

Cenk Sözübir, the operator of ama Gar Restaurant ”, which has been serving at Haydarpaşa Station since 1964, said that they have been keeping the restaurant open for three generations since, ec Of course we were negatively affected from the commercial side, but we were more impressed emotionally. X

Im My grandfather, my uncle, my father worked here, I'm the third generation. Can you imagine, my whole childhood was here. I am very sad that Haydarpaşa is empty, but there are people who say that they will open in the old way. We have customers coming from our years; In that respect, we will try to survive for a while, but the buffets are working according to the passing passengers. As you can see, now is the 2,5, nobody's in there. Our day job was also affected very negatively. Even though it was not full before, it was half full.

Ir Train passengers are as follows; the evening is not like a traveler, I'm talking as a restaurant, the customer from the evening drinks the place, hangs for a long time, but the train comes from the passenger, a grill place, drinks a soup, makes a breakfast in the morning. So the figure he left isn't a high figure. But of course I had continuity, it was nice. We're going to raise the ad to keep up, because people think the station's closed. However, this place is not closed; we have customers coming from there, we have to announce that they are not closed here.

“Though it is said that we should save Haydarpaşa. Okay, let's save Haydarpaşa, it was already forgotten; The new generation does not know this place! It would be good if something could be done without disturbing the environmental visual integrity of this place. From a commercial point of view, it still works even if this place is closed. kazanBut here, sadness and happiness were experienced at the same time. I have seen a lot of people in the restaurant sitting hand in hand and crying and waiting for the train times, I have seen a lot of times that the train brings people together. What a lot of memories people have here, I will feel sorry for him if this building is turned into something else.

Endi We did not receive a written notice, but we have always been told in our contract times. They asked us if we could pay our rents, they wanted a petition. I think this is a nice move, at least we wanted to freeze our rents, we made the request that Haydarpasa die without a death. I'm telling you, I'm supposed to make sacrifices if something good happens. I don't think I'm going to shut it down, I pay my rent if I have my pocket, because I believe this place will be beautiful.

Buffet with 1 No.

Ayhan Dağ, who runs the 1 No. buffet, said she paid the rent from the pocket; petition to freeze the contract, the rent will ask for a discount, saying:

Zor It's hard to endure with this business capacity, we're borrowing from here with a credit card, otherwise difficult. If there is a freeze, we will not close the rent discount, but if they do, they will be forced to close.

TCDD didn't come to us in any official post, but normally we heard it, so everyone knew it. Either they show us a place or they don't want to buy or take a small amount of time for us to take this 2 year. Thousand 700 lira rent. The electricity also comes a lot, the monthly 700-800 lira is coming. There's so much going on, so there's electricity, there's insurance, so we're in a difficult position. The authorities must find a solution to this, because we are victims. This is what we do in the middle of winter, and I'm 46, no one will give me a job after this age.

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