2011de Project Prepared The Basis of Kars Logistics Center Could Not Be Taken

The Foundations of the Kars Logistics Center, the Project of which was Prepared in 2011, Could Not Be Laid A Kind: The Logistics Center, whose first project was prepared in 2011 and whose foundations were not laid in the past, continues to disturb the citizens.

The completion of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars (BTK) Railway Project in Kars, which emigrates due to unemployment every year, and the fact that no steps are taken regarding the Logistics Center in parallel with this, are forcing the people of Kars who are waiting for business to migrate from the city.

The animated images of the Logistics Base, which were prepared prior to the 2011 General Elections, were distributed to the press by the 24th Term Members of Parliament and they were given the good news that their foundations would be laid. Despite this, no steps were taken in the elapsed time. While the Logistics Centers, which have been started to be built in many provinces and are still at the stage of completion, are eagerly awaited in the provinces where they are built, the uncertainty of the Logistics Center in Kars makes citizens think in black.

Despite the end of June, there is no work in the Logistics Center, where everyone from industrialists to small tradesmen is waiting. It does not go unnoticed that the BTK Railway Line does not work properly.


On the other hand, citizens who stated that the uncertainty about the Logistics Center and BTK Railway line in Kars caused the AK Party to lose votes, “A project was carried out in Kars in 2011. It was said to be made in Mezra village. Abandoned. It was said to be made in the Industrial Zone. The foundation was not laid. There were no convincing statements from the governorship of Kars or the deputies of the period. While people live with the dreams of food, bread and the development of the region, nothing has been done until this time. They said, "We no longer believe that the Logistics Center will be built."

On the other hand, the Logistics Center, whose construction turns into a snake story, is on the agenda of the people of Kars every day. Discussion between the citizens in the Logistics Center, coffee shop, barber, cafe and everywhere. The people of Kars are losing hope that the Logistics Center will be built in the meantime. Reminding that the Logistics Village is built in Erzurum, citizens express that they see the Logistics Center of Kars as a dream.

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