Reaction to transportation in Izmir

Reaction to transportation hike in İzmir: İZMİR's Karşıyaka A group of Dev-Lis members gathered in the District of Kentkart before they press Karşıyaka He jumped from the turnstiles at the Ferry Pier and protested the transportation hike made by the Metropolitan Municipality. The group asked that the hike on public transportation be withdrawn.
KarşıyakaApproximately 30 members of Dev-Lis gathered at İzmir Suburban System (İZBAN) Station in Izmir, shouting slogans throughout the bazaar. Karşıyaka He walked to the pier. Speaking on behalf of the group that made a press release here, a high school student said, “With the arrangements made in public transportation, many places that were visited in one trip before can be reached with at least 2 ways. This number occasionally rises to 3 and 4. Since the bus services are less than before, the vehicles are crowded. As if all this was not enough, public transportation was raised between 9 and 12 percent. The salaries of workers and civil servants are obvious. Our mothers and fathers, who think about what to take home in the evening, are also thinking about how to go now. "We want the hike in transportation to be withdrawn as soon as possible," he said. After the announcement, the group jumped from the turnstiles without pressing Kentkart and boarded the ferry to Alsancak without paying. The group, which continued its actions in the Alsancak district for a while, then disbanded.


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