Sirkeci Station to be converted into a museum


Sirkeci Station will be turned into a museum: Another great project for Istanbul… Fatih Mayor Mustafa Demir informed that a large city square will be built between Sirkeci and Cankurtaran. Demir said, “The traffic between Sirkeci and Cankurtaran will be taken underground and a big square will be gained. Our goal is to pedestrianize Eminönü… ”he said. Fatih Mayor Mustafa Demir Haber answered the questions of Esra Boğazlıyan from Turk. Here are those questions and their answers ...

The last time we talked to you was the decision of the Conservation Board for the restoration of the Grand Bazaar. What's the last thing?

Project approved. The project was very important for us. Because if we approve the project we can create management. With the extraordinary effort of our friends and our friends in the Regulatory Board, they did so by overwork. Now we printed the booklet of the management plan, and distributed it to all tradesmen. In February, there will be elections for management. 11 will be the personality board. 7 members will be tradesmen. Others will be the representative of Fatih Municipality, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Foundations and Governor's Office. We will be there to share our experience, if there is anything that falls upon us. The president will be in the shop. This means that the 70 of the Grand Bazaar is solved. 500 did not have any inventory of the annual Grand Bazaar.

After the management is created, the restoration will be started rapidly. So what to do? Starting from the infrastructure and upward restoration will be done. Because there are crashes in places. The reason is the dirty water in the bottom, where the rain water is not clear. There have also been breaks with tradesmen. There are problems such as cutting the columns under the carriers. We talked with İSKİ agreement, the infrastructure will be completely renewed. This ugly image of the electric cables, heating, cooling system will be underground. First, the ISKI will begin, before the base, then the intervention will be intervened if there are columns. Of course, we will not take the decision, management will create, will find their resources themselves.

Project designed for Sirkeci

What is your most important project to change the Historic Peninsula during this period?
We prepared the Sirkeci Square Arrangement Project. In this context, we aim to create the most beautiful square of Istanbul by integrating the area with Gülhane Park by taking the traffic from Sirkeci to Cankurtaran. Sirkeci Station is no longer in use. It was closed within the scope of Marmaray. We have unused railways from Sirkeci to Yedikule. Now those structures remain in derelict. He would like to evaluate the area by walking area, bike path and cafes. Within the scope of the project, Sirkeci Station will be transformed into a museum. Other unused railway stations will be evaluated and turned into cafes. The idle area behind the restored Basketmakers' Pavilion will also be used. A concert island will be built with piled piers.

When does it start?

It's not a difficult project, it's not costly. The work is in progress, the project phase is running out. We think we start at the end of 2015. Because we had previously worked on the zoning plan for the project of taking the underground traffic. Therefore, the study does not extend. In addition to the work of organizing Sirkeci Square, we would like to make bicycle paths between Yedikule and Sirkeci and open the area where there are empty and security walls. So the security issues will be over.

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