Isparta-Antalya high-speed train project 2023e remained

Isparta-Antalya high-speed train project is left to 2023: At the Isparta 5th Ordinary Provincial Congress held at the Işıkkent Sports Hall of the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Lütfü Elvan stated that the most important issue for them is the human being in their civilization. He said the word was included.
Stating that Isparta is the heir of such a civilization, Elvan said, “Hz. Mohammed is also the symbol of the rose. There is never any fight in our civilization. There is peace in our civilization. "There is unity and vitality in our civilization," he said.
Minister Elvan noted that 2015 will be the year of investment for Isparta and they will speed up road investments. Stating that they will turn the Dereboğazı road into a divided road from Isparta to Antalya, Elvan said, “There is an important road connecting Isparta to Central Anatolia and Konya. We continue to work on this route. "We will connect Isparta to Konya in a divided way."
Elvan also stated that they have high-speed train projects covering Eskişehir, Isparta, Burdur and Antalya.
Stating that the project work with trains that can speed up to 200 kilometers per hour has been completed, Elvan said, “It is among the projects we need to do until 2023. Our high-speed train will serve both Isparta and Burdur. We will connect Isparta with Istanbul, Bursa, Konya and Izmir. Isparta-Burdur Gelincik Friendship Road Project exists. We will start this project as soon as possible ”.
Minister Elven, since 2002, that Turkey and stabilize rampant both in investment, he said. Stating that no investment was made in the railways of the Ottoman period until the AK Party rule, Elvan said, “Freight was transported by trains running at 30-35 kilometers per hour like Kağnı. We completely renewed the 10 kilometers of the 8 thousand-kilometer railway. "The trains that go at a speed of 500 kilometers per hour have now become trains that go at a speed of 30-100 kilometers."

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