Körfez Municipality's Old Building will be a School of Land and Rail Systems

The Old Building of the Körfez Municipality will be the High School of Road and Rail Systems: Körfez Municipality, which focuses on social projects as well as Urban Transformation Projects, will open a modern university building by giving life to the old town hall.
Kocaeli University School of Land and Rail Systems, which will be opened to the service of young people who will be the future of the future of the City Hall for a hopeful work was initiated. The section will be opened for the first time in the Gulf in Turkey to shed light on both the future of the Gulf countries. The project will be an extremely modern university and will be fully equipped with the latest technological products. The university, which will host many features, will be built on a total area of ​​4 thousand square meters.
President Baran, who started to implement vision projects in the Gulf, follows the project step by step through the construction of the university. In order to examine the works on site, Mayor İsmail Baran and Vice Rector of Kocaeli University Bekir Çakır who came to the old town hall, followed the works on the project. Deputy Mayor Faruk Denli and Unit Managers accompanied President Baran. Mayor Baran, who examined the works with the information given by the municipal authorities, said, This project of our university, which will have many features in it, will contribute to the development of our Gulf. Belediye
Kocaeli University School of Land and Rail Systems, which will be established in the Gulf, which is the port city, will be the leader of the district. Social and economic life in the district will change after the university to be established in the Gulf. Thanks to the university, the number of cafes and restaurants will increase due to the need in the Gulf. Since the population of the district will increase, the economy will be more alive. The need for rent housing will be born. The expectations of the district will be differentiated by the arrival of the students and the Gulf will win.
4 thousand square meters of the area to be made in accordance with the university will be made completely in accordance with fire regulations. Eight classes of classrooms will be held in the 45 classrooms, two smart classrooms, one laboratory and one simulation lab. Everything is thought in the project so that students can be fully and comfortably trained. In addition, the dining hall and conference hall will be divided into two parts: A block and Block.



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