Muskata Tramway Systems Are Wanted

Muskata Tram System is Wanted: Muscat Municipal Council decided to advise the Oman Ministry of Transport and Communication on the establishment of a tram system in Muscat.
One of the most important differences of the Sultanate of Oman with developed countries is the absence of a public transportation system located in the country. Transportation is done by personal cars, taxis, minibuses or taxis. In the country where temperatures are above 7 degrees for 35 months of the year and temperatures exceeding 50 degrees in June are counted as the case, people's only means of transportation are their own personal cars.
The city has an extremely well programmed and modern road network, and traffic jams are occurring due to the large number of cars. For the time being, it is not wrong to point out that the traffic problem which is not at the level of Istanbul or Ankara will increase even more in the coming years if the attempts for public transportation are not realized.
The most important initiative in this context is the 2135 km National Railway Network project, which is considered not only for Muscat but for the country as a whole. However, different public transportation systems need to be established in the city. There is both a subway and a tram month in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates's neighbor, which Oman always follows.
In the event that the tram system is decided to be established, the inclusion of the contractors of our country in this initiative will constitute our biggest desire in this field.
Finally, it should be added that another proposal by the Council is that the two-way bus service starts in the city.

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