Murat Mountain Ski Season Opened

Murat Mountain Ski Season Opened: The season was opened with a ceremony at Murat Mountain Ski Center in Gediz District of Kütahya.

The season opening of the ski resort between the Sarıçiçek Plateau Gölyeri and Tahtaoluk locations, located at the 2th meter of the Murat Mountain, which has a height of 312 meters, was held by the Governor of Kütahya Şerif Yılmaz. After resting for a while in the facilities, Kütahya Governor Şerif Yılmaz showed that he is a skilled skier by climbing on a snow-covered piste of 1850 meters.

After skiing for a while, Governor Yılmaz gave information about the Thermal Tourism Center Murat Mountain Ski Center, together with the Mayor of Gediz, Mehmet Ali Saraoğlu from the AK Party, and other protocol members accompanying him. Governor Yılmaz said, “We are on Murat Mountain, one of the highest mountains in the Aegean Region. As of the summer season, it is an area used by our compatriots and citizens in the surrounding provinces as highland tourism. We have ongoing efforts to diversify this. This place is suitable for both summer and winter tourism. kazanI hope that the works carried out together as the governorship, special administration and municipality will be carried out as soon as possible. This small, modest facility we are in will become a ski resort with a wide, long piste that can be used by more professionals. Work on this is continuing," he said.


Mayor Mehmed Ali Saraoğlu, who stated that this ski resort will develop further in the coming period, said, “Murat Mountain has another important feature. At the same time, there are thermal water facilities, that is, there are spa facilities at an altitude of 1450 meters. In other words, we are at a point where we are a candidate to become an important sports center as the Thermal ski center of Turkey. Important work has been done. Here's a baby lift kazanWe built a center that can accommodate snowtrack, snowmobile, ski teams, a ski center. All this covers a three-year period. Hopefully, we will do more important work in the coming period," he said.


Dumlupınar University (DPÜ) School of Physical Education and Sports Head of Coaching Education Department Assist. Assoc. Dr. Aydın Şentürk, on the other hand, stated that they started to give ski training in Murat Mountain in 2012 and stated that they were very happy when they saw the developments regarding skiing here. Şentürk continued as follows:

“At least we saw that an investment started here, we were happy. As Dumlupınar University Physical Education and Sports Teaching Department students, we are a group of 16 people here. Due to the conditions here, we have our own training camps. We did these in Uludağ. But there was no snow like this in Uludağ right now, we just came from education. We want this place to be placed in a much better position in the education process, to be further developed and the roads to be corrected. We are ready to do whatever it takes to make this place even more open to the public. In this regard, our esteemed governor, the notables of the province and district see the environment here. I think this place will go one step further from now on. I would like to announce to the friends who will come here from now on through you that the environment where they can easily ski is prepared, that the equipment is available and there is no problem with food ”.

President of Kütahya Provincial Council Musa Yılmaz, General Secretary of Kütahya Special Provincial Administration Muhittin Şahin, Kütahya Provincial Police Director Mehmet Gülnaz, Kütahya Provincial Director of Youth Services and Sports Sadık Ölçen, Gediz Deputy Governor Zafer Karabektaş, Gediz Deputy Mayor Hakan Arpacı, Gediz County Police Chief Haci Çağlar and sports fans also attended.

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