Is there a security vulnerability in ski resorts?

📩 24/11/2018 14:07

There is a security weakness in ski resorts: the deaths of two people in the accident occurred in the ski centers in Bursa and Erzurum raised the need for adequate security measures in the ski resorts.

The day before the fall in the snow sleigh rides with his mother in Bursa Uludag Elif Uymuşlar event as a result of 7-year-old Elf Uymuşlar who died and his palate in Erzurum Palandöken around the artificial snow sprayer pole around him as a shield and sliding him on the wooden railings hitting the thrust of wooden balustrades by hitting the Ataturk University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine xnumx'ünc grader 3-year-old Mehmet Akif Koyuncu event, no matter how secure it is brought into question the wisdom of the ski slopes in Turkey.

Europe's longest with a second runway and Turkey Palandöken, one of the favorite ski resorts and Konakli Ski Center, when receiving the highest level of security measures, to separate professionals to novices has the separate tracks. In the Palandoken Ski Center, where the occupancy rate for hotels was found to be one hundred percent due to the semester break, local and foreign tourists enjoying the skiing all day, stating that the runways are full, said, ken Here, there are also separate runways for the novices to slide. There are necessary security measures. However, some skiers go to the forbidden areas off the runway and sometimes bring accidents. Accidents usually occur because of non-compliance with the rules, Kaz they said.

Ski instructors at Palandöken Ski Center said, “Ski lovers have all sorts of opportunities. We always supervise novices. Prohibited areas are indicated by warning signs. Guests coming to Palandöken are informed about these issues. In general, adventurous skiers climb to the summits, and when they leave the track, negative events can develop. Genel

On the other hand, Gendarmerie Search and Rescue (JAK) teams are in a continent on the 24 hour basis in winter against possible accidents, avalanches, disappearances and similar events in Palandöken.

Developed events in a very short period of time with the help of jet skis JAK teams transferred to the jet vehicles, running to the rescue of the skiers.


Erzurum's Palandöken Ski Center is located south-west of the initial height of 2 thousand 200 meters, the highest point of the Dragon is 3 thousand 176 meter peak in the first degree major ski resort in Turkey. Palandöken ski center is home to international Universities winter Olympics together with Konaklı ski center and Palandöken ski center has started to find the reputation it deserves in the world public opinion. On Palandöken ski resort, the ski season starts on average in late October, and skiing can be skied on the high pistes until the first weeks of May. Due to the dry weather of the region and the presence of air temperature - 40 at night, the snow quality does not deteriorate and the powder snow glide is enjoyed. There are 22 tracks in the Palandöken ski center and the runways named Ejder and Kapıkaya have been announced as registered tracks for Slalom and Grand Slalom competitions. Since there are intensive Slalom and Large Slalom competitions on these tracks, they are among the most preferred ski tracks. The longest track of the total 28 km tracks is 12 km. The distance between the starting and ending elevations is 12 meters, by slipping 1100 km without interruption. It is also very suitable for snowboars due to heavy snow. Palandöken Ski Center welcomes many snowboarders and skiers with its tracks at all levels. Palandöken Ski Center has 4 chairlifts with a capacity of 500 people per hour, 5 telescope with a capacity of 300 people per hour, 1 baby lifts with a total capacity of 800 people and 2 gondola lift with a capacity of 500 people per hour.