High Security in Erciyes Ski Center

High Security in Erciyes Ski Center: Erciyes A.Ş. Chairman Cahit Cıngı, regarding runway safety at Erciyes Mountain, "with no other mountain in Turkey and we have our security arrangements team. This security team travels on the runways in the event of any inconvenience to apply first aid to our citizens who are skiing and delivering them to our health center, e he said.

Referring to the runway safety in Erciyes Mountain, Erciyes A.Ş. Cahit Cıngı, Chairman of the Board of Directors, said, “As it is known, Mount Erciyes is a mountain ruled by a single authority. Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Erciyes Inc. is obliged to manage Erciyes Mountain as an affiliate of our metropolitan municipality. Of course, our management style here is primarily based on trust. First of all, it is very difficult to compensate for a damage that may occur to a person. We act with consciousness in this and since skiing is a slightly more risky sport compared to other sports and it is performed on the mountain surface under natural conditions, we try to increase our security measures especially during the season. Our toboggan areas, runways and areas where other activities are performed are completely separated by nets and designed to eliminate risk. "We have increased our security measures due to the intensity in that area, especially since there is a risk of serious accidents in the sled area.

Referring to the way of working in the sled area, Cıngı said, “Our friends in the sled area constantly warn our citizens. Our tracks are only allocated to our skiers. no other mountain in Turkey and we have our security arrangements team. This security team is constantly on the tracks and in case of any problem, it is responsible for applying first aid to our skiing citizens and delivering them to our health center. In addition, we work with a track team of 15 experts in arranging the deformed areas of the runways, the arrangement of the floating signs due to the wind or the type, the control of the safety nets and the installation of the places without safety nets. Erciyes is a mountain where we really care about security first. We are making a lot of effort for this cause, ”he said.

Özkan Baysal, who came to Erciyes Mountain to ski with his students, said, “We came here with our students. We did not have any problems with runway safety here. It seems that the necessary measures have been taken. There are nets against falling. For those who don't know much, there is a beginner ski resort. Security guards make the necessary intervention. We are pleased ”he said.

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