Ilgaz Mountain abundance abundance

📩 24/11/2018 14:06

Ilgaz Mountain semester in abundance: Hotels in Ilgaz Mountain, semester break, 100 percent of the reservation prior to occupancy ulaştı.türkiye important winter tourism centers of the hotels in Ilgaz Mountain, so with reservations before the semester break reached 100 occupancy.

Çankırı Ski Coaches Association President Distress half, AA correspondent, one of Turkey's major ski centers said that in the Ilgaz shown to good weather conditions.

Half-year holiday in advance of the abundance of reservations stating that half, said:

“When we look at the hotel reservation data before the 2015 semester holiday, it is very high compared to the previous years. 100 percent occupancy was reached in the hotels in Yıldıztepe Ski Center. Ilgaz has turned into a center of attraction. Ilgaz's not being affected by adverse weather conditions, its low altitude, its offering of alternative tracks for skiers of all levels and its proximity to the capital have made ski resorts a serious attraction in recent years.

Half said that students at physical education schools also preferred Ilgaz for ski training, and that the prices were also effective in the demand.

Important investments have been made in the region in recent years, the transfer of Half, Çankırı Governorate and Ilgaz district governors took the necessary measures to make the holiday in peace, he added.