Ilgaz Mountain Winter Climbing

Ilgaz Mountain Winter Climb was Held: Ilgaz Mountain Winter Climbing was held in Çankırı with the participation of 19 athletes.

President of Çankırı Mountaineering and Search and Rescue Sports Club Nuri Erkenci, AA correspondent, said the climb was made smoothly.

Stating that 19 athletes from Çankırı Mountaineering and Search and Rescue Sports Club, Sivas Mountaineering Club and PARS Mountaineering Club participated, Erkenci said, “We proceeded from Küçük Çaltepe, Geyik Gediği, to the summit, without making our classical route. "The climbing track became very difficult with watering the snow."

Stating that they had organized 2 climbs before but could not complete it, and they ended the winter climbing at the summit in this experiment, Erkenci said, “We organized two hikes to reach the summit in January and February, but we could not succeed due to adverse weather conditions. In this walk, 19 athletes reached the Küçükhacet summit at 2 meters. "After all our martyrs were commemorated here, the landing started again."

Early, the athletes were landing smoothly, he added.