There is no toilet in Ankara metro stations, take precautions

There is no toilet in Ankara metro stations, take your precaution: there are still 44 stations in the capital. Other insufficiencies in the subway infrastructure are being added every day. One of the inadequacies is the problem of the toilet.
Despite the long-rail system lines, there is only a public toilet in the Kızılay center and Ankaray's Beşevler Station. Other stations have a toilet which is only available for the use of staff. It is forbidden for passengers to use these toilets. The toilet crisis, which is not felt much in the intermediate stations, is experienced especially at the last stations of the busy stations and lines. Passengers arriving by ring bus to Metronun Koru Station cannot meet their needs as there is no public toilet. Especially children's needs are solved in the secluded areas of the gardens of the surrounding sites and the parks. However, there is no solution to the problem of adults.
'Take your precaution'
The application of passengers to the municipality did not solve the problem of the toilet. As a last resort, the in Blue Table sorun application of the municipality called ”Alo 153 o gave an interesting answer to a person who explained the problem.
Metro and then the ring bus, which lasted for hours, the citizens said that the stations in the stations to be opened to public use. Then the applicant was given the following answer:
“Your application numbered… has been evaluated and there are public toilets on the metro lines of Kızılay Station and Beşevler Station on the metro lines. The cleaning and security of these places are carried out by the operators. There are no public toilets at our other stations. It is not possible to use staff toilets for the safety of the passengers and the enterprise. They cannot be transferred to the paid area without using a card. The passengers should take precautions in order to avoid any disruption and victimization in their daily schedules. ”
Levent Gök, the vice chairman of the CHP group, took the toilet crisis to the agenda of the parliament. Gök asked that the toilet problem was added to the inadequacies experienced in the metro stations and whether measures were taken to resolve the problem.



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