Adapazari Express carries 400 passengers at once

Adapazari Express carries 400 passengers at one time: Adapazari Express, whose flights were stopped nearly 3 years ago, started to re-launch after a long break
Due to the construction of the high-speed train line stopped the year before the 3 Adapazarı Express, as of today began the expedition. Adapazarı Express, which is an important passenger transport line between Sakarya-Izmit and Istanbul, began to re-launch with the completion of high-speed train works. Serving 12 arrivals previously 12 was put on 4 expedition in total including 4 arrival or even 8 going for now.
The Adapazarı Express will now stop only at Arifiye, Sapanca, İzmit, Gebze and Pendik. With the completion of the stations in Derbent, Köseköy, 42 Evler, Derince, Körfez, Hereke and Dilovası, train will be at all stops starting from 2016. Adapazari Express, where people close to a thousand 30 a day is expected to be intense as before, while the train will not go to Haydarpaşa'ya people will be quite a challenge.
The 5 Wagon Adapazari Express has the capacity to carry 400 passengers at one time. In the past years, the numberless ticket sales were removed with the new suburban system. Numbered tickets will be prevented from traveling by citizens. On the train, as in previous years, peddlers will not be allowed. Passengers who take the Island Express from Izmit Train Station will arrive at Pendik in about 45 minutes.
New Adapazari Express price tariff also increased compared to the old. 7 liraya previously 15 liras to travelers to Istanbul this time will pay. Accordingly, Pendik Arifiye 15 lira, Pendik izmit 10 lira, Izmit gebze 7.5 lira, Izmit Sapanca 5 lira and Izmit will serve as a pearl 7.5 lira. Adapazarı Express, which goes to Istanbul, from Izmit Station; 07.01, 07.56, 15.41, 19.31 hours, Adapazarı direction for going; 08.52, 09.47, 18.07, will be removed during 21.17 hours.

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