A bridge was built on the Çaltıözü Creek, which is expected to be built for 100 years.

A bridge was built on Çaltıözü Stream, which was expected to be built for 100 years: A bridge was built by the municipality over Çaltıözü Stream in the Seydikemer District of Muğla. Citizens welcomed the 100-meter bridge, which they have been waiting for the construction for nearly 5 years.
A bridge was built on the Çaltıözü Stream, which divides the road that provides access to the district center of 8 households, in the Kuruovası Mevkii of Seydikemer's Çaltıözü District. In the rainy winter days, 2 culverts placed on the stream, which does not allow passage of people and vehicles, connected the people of the region to life.
Hüseyin Türkmen, one of the residents of the neighborhood, who said that the problem of the bridge is about 100 years old from his grandparents, said that they could not send their children to school because there was no bridge on rainy days. Stating that it is difficult to cross the stream even with a tractor, Türkmen said, “There is no transportation in winter, there is no car, we pass by tractor. Most of the time, we don't have a lot of time with the tractor. We cannot send children to school either. If we send it, we are having trouble getting back. We lived with such problems so far, we had flooded our car here before. We thank our muhtar and mayor for the bridge. ”
Çaltıözü Muhtar Muhsin Alaşan said, “Our citizens have been experiencing great difficulties here for years. We have a big neighborhood here and our children going to school had to use this path. But they had difficulty passing by in the winter. Our children were very absent from school. Our citizens could not meet their urgent needs such as market and health center. This bridge was the biggest dream of our citizen, now in great joy. We would like to thank Seydikemer Mayor Yakup Otgöz ”.

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