Commuter Trains

Kuskan asks: What happened to commuter trains

Kuşkan asks: What happened to the commuter trains. CHP Provincial Chairman Yalçın Kuşkan, Kuşkan who made evaluations about two issues that concern our city at a weekly press conference, due to the resignations of the extraordinary congress of Çayırova District 18 October [more…]


The highest allowance in SOEs

Highest appropriation in SOEs to TCDD: In the preparations for the 2015-2017 period investment program carried out by the Ministry of Development, the highest appropriation offer ceiling among State Economic Enterprises (SEEs) is 5 billion TL, with the State of the Republic of Turkey. [more…]

Asphalt News

Tender of 70 Thousand Ton Asphalt Done

70 Thousand Tons of Asphalt Tender: Van central Ipekyolu Municipality continues the asphalt work on the one hand, while 70 has made the tender of one thousand tons of asphalt. İpekyolu Municipality has carried out asphalt works in many neighborhoods. [more…]


Overcoming Obstacles with Bridge

Obstacles were overrun by a bridge: The bridge was built by Niğde Special Provincial Administration in Koçak village of Ulukışla district of Niğde and became the hope of disabled brothers. As a result of the initiatives of the village headman Koçali Cumali Yavuz Niğde Special [more…]


Planning of Environmental Roads in Şanlıurfa

Meeting of Planning of Ring Roads in Şanlıurfa: A meeting was held on planning of ring roads in Şanlıurfa. At the meeting where the road investments planned in Şanlıurfa were discussed, the completion of the first ring road was brought up. Şanlıurfa Greater Municipality [more…]


2016 with minibuses

Card period in minibuses In 2016: The news that will make Istanbulites happy came from the metropolitan city. Work has been started to get on minibuses with Istanbulkart. The application will be implemented in all minibuses until 2016. Strategically prepared by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality covering the years 2015-2019 [more…]


TIR traffic will enter the ground in Istanbul

TIR traffic will go underground in Istanbul: Stating that they have developed new projects for Istanbul, which they want to save from TIR traffic, Minister of Transport Elvan said that one of them is underground roads. Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications [more…]


Repair the signaling system

Repair the signaling system: Some drivers who want to reactivate the crashed traffic signaling system say, “Invisible accidents are unavoidable without signaling”. DRIVES DEPRESSED The signaling system, which is the target of the [more…]