Intercity Railways

Countdown to national train

Countdown for the national train: Erol ─░nal, General Manager of Turkey Wagon Industry Inc. (T├ťVASA┼×), stated that the manufacturing process will start soon in the "National Train Project" and said, "With God's permission, [moreÔÇŽ]

06 Ankara

Gebze YHT victim

Gebze YHT victim: Citizens who spent their holiday in Ankara experienced great difficulties due to a single trip. The number of flights in Gebze should be increased. Istanbul-Ankara, which started flights before Ramadan Feast [moreÔÇŽ]

09 Aydin

Death train crash 1 dead

1 dead in Ayd─▒n train accident: In the train accident that occurred in Ayd─▒n's Incirliova district, an old man who was trying to cross the railway died. The accident happened around 17.30 today. [moreÔÇŽ]

Asphalt News

Asphalt Mobilization in Mamak

Asphalt Mobilization Continues at Full Speed ÔÇőÔÇőin Mamak: Mamak Mayor Mesut Akg├╝l said, "Our infrastructure works continue increasingly in parallel with the rapid construction in our district." Mamak [moreÔÇŽ]

03 Afyonkarahisar

High Speed ÔÇőÔÇőTrain Station

The high-speed train station will make the people of Emirda─č happy: Emirda─č got its share of good news again. Minister of Forestry and Water Affairs Veysel Ero─člu, who came with good news on religious and national holidays. the last of the holiday [moreÔÇŽ]

01 Adana

16 in White Houses

Asphalt Joy in Beyazevler after 16 Years: Adana ├çukurova Municipality started asphalt work in Beyazevler district. Mayor Soner ├çetin, who was welcomed with loud drums in the neighborhood, planted grapefruit saplings. [moreÔÇŽ]

421 Slovakia

Flying Car Coming

Flying car is coming: Slovakian futurist company Aeromobil, after 24 years of work, has made a car that goes in the air to avoid traffic on the ground. 2 seater car [moreÔÇŽ]

Intercity Railways

The train car was burned

A train wagon was burned in Mersin: The train wagon, which was pulled in front of the Logistics Directorate because it was defective, was burned in Mersin. The flames were taken under control by fire crews. Because it is faulty [moreÔÇŽ]