TIR traffic will enter the ground in Istanbul

TIR traffic in Istanbul will enter underground: Stating that they are developing new projects for Istanbul, which they want to save from TIR traffic, Transport Minister Elvan said that one of them is underground roads.
Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Lutfi Elvan, gave information about Turkey's new logistics projects. Elvan noted that they had developed new projects to save Istanbul from TIR traffic, and said that underground roads would be one of these projects.
Elvan ol We will have new projects for Istanbul. We'il explain them. We have a new underground project. There will be underground roads, Y he said.
Elvan, who carried out the study of the studies for Kanal Istanbul, pointed out that there are environmental issues that need to be examined. We met with Elvan araya TOKI and the Ministry of Environment. We need to get together and talk about the road map. Maybe we need to make a special law, Belki he said.
Elvan stated that they were working to save Istanbul from TIR traffic and said that TIRs would cross the city by direct sea without entering Istanbul. Elvan, with another project to connect the highway to Çanakkale Çanakkale, Çanakkale with the Bosphorus Bridge will ensure the transition to the provinces of the region.
Elvan underlined that the works continued on the Northern Marmara Motorway and that the tender for the group up to Tekirdağ-Kınalı was reached, and that the tender for the highway between Kurtköy, Akyazı and Sakarya would be made. Elvan şt We will go down to Çanakkale by motorway in Tekirdağ Kınalı, pass through Çanakkale Bridge and pass to Balıkesir and connect it to the Istanbul-İzmir highway. El
In the 2011, which is a fast train project to travel around the Marmara region, Minister Elvan said, “Let's say that you came out of Dilovası, you made the Gulf passage, Yalova, Bursa, Balıkesir, Çanakkale, Tekirdağ and Yavuz Sultan Bridge from there. you will be made a ring, bir he said.
Referring to the freight transport by train, Elvan said that they would make high-speed trains instead of high-speed trains.
Minister Elvan stated that they will liberalize the freight transportation by train and he called for investment in private sector companies. Elvan, "We are ready, if you want to establish and operate the railway itself, let's come," he said. The transfer will be integrating the rail industry and Elven, he stressed that Turkey continues to work for the establishment of 19 general logistics center. For the Ayaş Tunnel, Elvan invited investors who think about the build-operate-transfer method and said they were thinking of other models for the Çandarlı Port in İzmir. Elvan ler There are such offers. They say that you make the investment, we guarantee you to load the harbor, if we stay under that guarantee we will pay you the extra penalty. Like a different version of the Public-Collaboration model. There are similar models.
Elvan will now use only high-speed train instead of the high-speed train to spread the freight transportation. But there will be a high-speed train between the big cities. OK Istanbul-Ankara was so. There will be high speed train in Ankara-Izmir. If I want to reach from Mersin to Mersin, there will be a high speed train. If I'm gonna get to the harbor, there'il be a high-speed train. The high-speed train is also not less, it is making 120 mileage speed in freight transportation.
The only difference is the 50 KILOMETER
Iş We are unable to transport freight on high-speed trains, devam Elvan said. I wish it had started as a high-speed train. There will be no freight transport on this route. For us, the route from Istanbul to Kars is very important. We do not consider high-speed trains outside the metropolitan cities in the next process. You already have the 50 mileage difference as you speed between them, someone 250 mileage 200 mileage. If the 200 is in kilometers, the freight is being transported and the passenger. UM
Halkalı, ÇerkezköyElvan. Will be a high-speed train. We wanted to use the European Union (Eu) funds. Ab says that the 160 does not exceed the mileage, no passengers, only the load. I don't agree, we do it ourselves. We use that money elsewhere. O
If the private sector agrees, Elvan said that they could give the fast train business to the private sector and said: yapım Build type becomes a model. I talked to a few companies for Ankara-Istanbul. This is a project that will reduce the number of 1.5 hours between these two cities. If you want to make companies come together. We can do this: This line belongs to you as a company. Let's say the Ankara-Izmir line. 30 years run 40 year. But the price will not exceed that. You come and run the railroad, you can say run. Operate in freight transport, operate in passenger. We can develop models as on highways. Ot
Yap The project of the bridge to be built in Çanakkale is about to be completed. I wanted the railway over the bridge. Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, such as passing through the middle of the railway is going to be working.
"We will liberalize the freight train in Turkey. We will finish the work, we will open the freight transport to the private sector by train. It is already possible for the private sector to run its own wagon. We're getting a certain rent. However, the current application is amateur. We need to do it professionally and license it, the terms of the license must be clear. Onu
Il The tender for the İzmir Çandarlı Port was announced, the proposal came. We're thinking of other models. There are such offers. They say that you make the investment we guarantee you to load the port, if we stay under that guarantee we will pay you the extra penalty. Like a different version of the Public-Collaboration model. There are similar models. We're working on it right now. Şu
Ilar We have very serious problems in maritime transport, we have deficiencies. We will install very simple ramps to solve this problem. TIRs make the transfer from the ramps to the ships and immediately pass to the ferry. There is also a transfer. Another issue that will significantly relax the traffic in Istanbul is this kind of ramps. We'il make a ramp. TIRs will enter the sea with the ramp to Istanbul center. We'il ship it from the sea. We are not going to Istanbul. İstanbul
Minister Elvan reminded that the Ayaş Tunnel has been waiting for many years. We've spent more than $ 1 billion. If we leave it as it is, it will be destroyed. What's nice is that it goes all the way to Istanbul. You're in Istanbul when the 1.5 gets on the train. Let's talk if they want to do this with the Run method, Yap he said.

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