The third airport flees the car rental sector

The third airport flees the car rental sector: 3 planned to be built in Istanbul. the airport excites different sectors. A This carries a serious potential for us, 'said Nelson, CEO of Avis Budget, a car rental company operating on the 7 continent.
In the 1974 9 years Koc Group in a portfolio of cars started the Avis car rental services in Turkey Turkey xnumx'ınc year to celebrate, held high-level meeting in Istanbul on this occasion. The most important guest of the meeting was operating in 40 continent and 7 billion dollars turnover in the global car rental company Avis Budget Group CEO Ron Nelson, Turkey and in turn themselves in Istanbul as a city, he said serious potential move. Car rental and air transportation between the parallelism of Nelson noted that the third airport to be held in Istanbul, Istanbul's air traffic in the world's largest air traffic will be the city, this will have a positive impact on the car rental sector, he said. Turkish Airlines is happy with the partnership they made last year, noted that Nelson 'THY is growing. Increased the number of passengers by 8. We also benefit from this. Biz
New countries ranked
Speaking at the meeting Otokoç Automotive General Manager Görgün Özdemir 4 30 thousand vehicles in the country that they provide service, Azerbaijan, K.Irak and Kazakhstan to realize the new overseas expansions, but said they will perform. The increased number of tourists in Turkey, the economy is growing, the emphasis on business trips now Ozdemir "These are the indicators of active growth of the market. We see that there are important potentials ahead of us. Ön
in the evaluation at the meeting Avis Budget Turkey Deputy General Manager believe Growers said, "Currently 4 countries we serve with 84 office at 28.000 car park, our new country investment continues, very soon Avis Budget Group's new brand, Zipcar first franchisee country, Turkey We'll launch at. Zipcar car rental Sattl saying that they offer services in Turkey for the first time in the world Growers licensees taking it to life they spent New Year together, he said.

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