Going from Izmit Bay Crossing Bridge

The toll fee from the İzmit Bay Crossing Bridge has been determined: The İzmit Bay Crossing Bridge, which will end in 2016, will reduce the 70-minute road to 6 minutes. Otoyot project that will reduce the road between Istanbul and Izmir to 3,5 hours [more…]

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Alarm triggered alarm in Marmaras

The alarm caused panic in Marmaray: Citizens who panicked during the alarm that caused the warning of the evacuation of platforms competed with each other to get to the beach from the Üsküdar station. Citizens who set off on an intercontinental journey using Marmaray [more…]

34 Istanbul

3. New plan of airport hangs

The new plan of the airport is on hold: The final arrangement in the development plans of the 3rd Airport, which has been implemented as one of the biggest projects in Turkey, has been completed. Construction of the 3rd Airport, which has been implemented as one of the biggest projects in Turkey [more…]

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Is it subway or air?

Metro or havaray: Master Architect Urbanist Professor. Dr. Ahmet Vefik Alp believes that nostalgic trams, light metro and the like narrow and narrow roads. And the Metro is also late for the construction of Istanbul [more…]

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The palace passing the train from the garden

The palace passing the train from its garden: The first step of the “metro ilen, which was shown as a solution to the traffic of Istanbul, was taken during the Ottoman period. The French engineer Henri Gavand, who is in Istanbul as a tourist, has the chance to visit 40 [more…]

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Citizen Bayramda Flows to YHT

Citizens flocked to YHT during the Holiday: The density in the High Speed ​​​​Train (YHT) continued throughout the Eid al-Adha. High Speed ​​Trains; Being fast and comfortable on Ankara, Istanbul, Eskişehir and Konya lines [more…]

Intercity Railways

Manisada train crash 1 dead

Train accident in Manisa 1 dead: 21-year-old Erkan Şakacılar, whose foot stuck and fell on the train tracks, died as a result of the train crash. In the Şehzadeler District of Manisa, 21 allegedly tripped and fell on the train tracks. [more…]