French minister calls on weekends to get motorways free

French ministers on weekends call for free of charge: The Minister of Ecology, Environment and Energy of France, Segolene Royal said he looked positively at the removal of toll charges for weekends.
Speaking to RTL Radio, Royal said that he is in favor of a 10 percent discount on highway prices, and that the highways can be negotiated for free on weekends. Segolene Royal stated that all these options will be discussed between the government and the highway union.
Previously, at least during the peak hours of the motorways to be free of the Royal stressed, the infrastructure works of the highway should be financed tolls passed.
Prime Minister Manuel Valls did not lean towards Segolene Royal's proposal. Valls noted that the proposal that highways should be free on weekends is difficult to implement. Valls stated that in the coming days, the economy minister and highway officials will come together to work on a decision that will not make either side a victim.
In France, where highways are toll, drivers pay around 150 to 15 Euros for 25 kilometers.


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